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DECK-KIT AlmostStonekin (2/3) Gemeye meets Double Shadow

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Hey all,

it's been a while since my last Deck so time for another one! Today we continue with a Stonekin variant that actually doesn't leave enough Stonekin to call itself that. However, since the army consists only of Stonekin units, I have always mentally added it here. I can't even say exactly why Gemeyes catch my eye so much and why I like this deck so much - I think it's just "sympathy" that I can't explain further.

Theme/Scope: Gemeyes! Getting out as much as possible, getting them as strong as possible

Playstyle: Micro <-> Macro

Budget: medium expensive

Addresses to any kind of player

Core Deck:
- Key Card is the Purple Gemeye! Ofc both can be taken if you like

- supported by the best of :frostorb::natureorb:

- supported by the best of :shadoworb::shadoworb:

- as we have no straight tanks, we want to have strong CC and strong sustain spells to keep our Army steamrolling

Important side note:


The Gemeyes show both a flat dp20 of 2750 dmg - this is the flat value of the spit attack leaving out the damage over time (DoT) effect. The real dmg of a purple Gemeye is much higher though you will sadly never have a situation where it can deal its full possible dmg.

T1/T2 - either :shadoworb::shadoworb: or :frostorb::shadoworb: or :frostorb::natureorb: (in the shown specific order)

It may seem strange, after I have made very free specifications in my decks, that I give here on the one hand 3 clear starting suggestions which appear however also very differently.

The reason for a Shadow or Frost start comes from the T1 Spells Motivate or Homesoil - both of which we can scale perfectly into T4 - therefore this recommendation.

The reason for the T2 is to further set priorities: Starting with :shadoworb::shadoworb: allows for very early setting of Resource Boosters and is therefore a very strong one, as we can possibly get more Gemeyes out.

If you decide for a blue start, even if it is for reasons, it also makes sense in T2 and T3 to quickly get to :frostorb::shadoworb::shadoworb: to be able to set boosters faster. Especially on harder maps the double shadow spells help you of course to get to T4, to hold it and to go into further progress.

The :frostorb::natureorb: start variant is definitely inferior to the above mentioned in direct comparison - but I still like to list them, because a Stonekin start is in my opinion much more beginner-friendly and stronger than a blue/shadow start. You want to take it slow, maybe never played shadow before - then this is your start.

Please don't start this deck with green - it would be at least one wasted deck slot, more like two.

What do we take specifically:

For :shadoworb::shadoworb: I would never go without my Forsaken as allrounder (superior to Nox Trooper), the Green Soul Splicer and a Motivate. Git up a few Forsaken, build a Soul Splicer before the T2 camp, drag the enemys in the Splicer and FOCUS them one by one. 6 Forsaken should do it with the exeption of hard Lost Souls starts.
For T2 the common options would be: Shadow Mages (+your Soul Splicer, Warp, Motivate), a Harvester or the best-in-slot solution Phoenix/Embalmers Shrine

For :frostorb::shadoworb: the meta-start would be Frost Mages and Master Archers + Homesoil and Ice Barrier.
T2 as imho not much strong options, Phoenix/Embalmers Shrine is prolly the way to go if you want serious strengh, else Stormsingers are not bad and some of the Lost T2 Units are playable too.

For the :frostorb::natureorb: start please check my other stonekin guide:



T3/4 - completing to any row of :frostorb::shadoworb::shadoworb::natureorb:

T3/4 spells you want to add are: Stone Shell Green, Frenetic (either or both), Infect and prolly a Warp, fill with dmg and healing as you feel need for them

Other stuff to add to the deck: Gemeyes, that's why we are here! Furnace of Flesh + Cultist Master for Void return. Ofc a Breeding Ground that wasn't mentioned before.

You maybe want to bring Rifle Cultist+ Offering for more fast Gemeyes, even mandatory if you play with Motivate.

Last but not least: If you face lost souls your Gemeyes get disabled (like any ranged unit) from the Lost Dragons - either bring a Yellow Mo for that, or make sure your CC hits those Dragons perfectly (last is more an expert solution)

Even if you decided for the inferior :frostorb::natureorb: start, you have strong spell options at T3 which should always give an easy access to T4 (Thunderstorm/Stoneshell, Heals, Oink - all combined with a rock solid T1/2 army)

If you decide for a late green orb, T3 offers you Frenetic/Infect which should be even an easier access to T4.

If you are forced to defend T3 for a minute raise a Furnance of Flesh to get Void back faster on the waves that you defeat. Spawn Cultist Masters there as soon as you can - once your Void manipulation is up things get usually easier.

How to play T4 stage - "I have only a squishy ranged unit, how the hell do I proceed?"

Though it may be obvious for many veterans I want to describe a bit the playstyle as some Beginners may say: "I have only a squishy ranged unit, how the hell do I proceed?".

Spam Purple Gemeyes, you can splash in 1-2 Green ones in the Mix for some CC, but you want to have mainly purple ones as they deal the dmg. A super serious Gemeye Deck would perhaps even cut the green Gemeye completly - at least I do.

When you engage a camp the first spell is a CC, usually a Frenetic. Stone Shell your at least 4 Gemeyes, Infect the crowd and perhaps add a dmg spell for faster Infect procs.
Then you use either Motivate or the Homesoil/Ice Barrier combo for a really nice dmg output.

When you have Motivate/Offering/Rifle Cultist use that Combo as often as possible to max your army size.

Once you got out 4-6 Gemeyes you should snowball any rpve map.


Any struggling situations:

This deck is slower in the early match, beware to engange strong dmg bosses like Infester or Urzach before you have at least 4, better 5, gemeyes. (4 is the critical mass for a perfect Stone Shell buff, the fifth gives you even the security that you could loose one and you are still "safe").
Once you hit the 4-5-6 counter this deck gets more and more rolling and no boss or situation should be able to stop you.

Willzappers can be taken out from afar.

Bosses usually never have a chance against a Stone Shell protected army and so neither any camp has.


At this point I usually add replays, which I leave out this time for two reasons: First, I was simply too lazy and thought something "Nobody watches this anyway" (or only the usual suspects who actually know the shit but only enjoy the gameplay).
However, I have just seen that the replays were downloaded more often than thought  - next time I'll be happy to share some again.
The second reason to do without replays was clearly the upcoming update which is just around the corner and would break them anyway.

If you have feedback, suggestions, nice replays or storys about this deck, please feel free to post below!

As always, all information without guarantee and with strong personal preference.

See you in the Battlegrounds!



again partly Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)








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Thanks for another great guide! I have actually played Gemeyes in rPvE 9 before and had one problem: Because of their high attack range they sometimes attack the camp so early or from so far away, that I am not in range to cast any spells onto the camp. Do you have any suggestions on how to prevent this issue?

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Hey Metagross, thanks, glad you enjoy it.

I have two different ways to engage. If I feel safe enough I avoid long shots and pull by sight, throw in a CC or two, and focus the spawner directly.

Another great way to engage is just to spit in the frontline and CC them when they come, throw in infect and kill a few. Then you move in and can kill quite safe the spawner.

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