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Titans Expert Solo - P2 Start

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Hey guys 😁,

Donaar here presenting you a fun and unusual run: Titans Expert Solo starting P2 (thanks to @Kapo for theorycrafting this challenge).

Soloing this map is quite challenging since the player has to clear the way for Rogan and free the 12 civilians before Jorne spawns (which happens 13 minutes into the game). As showcased in this replay (all credits to Pritstift and RadicalX), Titans Solo runs always start on P4, since the way for Rogan is "automatically cleared" in order to get T2, T3 and T4. Corsair's Assistance ability is then used to open the gates for the civilians - this step has to be performed carefully due to the 60s cooldown of said ability.

Starting on another position (P2 in my case) is a completely different story: you have to free the 12 civilians, go to the cave where Rogan & Jorne spawn, clear an enemy camp (in order to make Rogan move) and block Jorne with buildings, ALL in 13 minutes. Okok, i know, blocking Jorne is lame but it's the only way to keep Rogan alive (there's no way to clear all Rogan's path within the tight time tresholds we got).

I completed my run in 19.45 minutes (and the second part isn't fully optimized) - below you can find the replay. Here's the deck I used:


  • Nomad (G) + Mines: classic Fire T1 for PvE, nothing much to say here.
  • Scythe Fiends + Undead Army: great combination to reach spots you're not supposed to reach.
  • Burrower: great card for this run since it's fast, it's a melee unit (counters Mark of the Keepers) with Siege (useful to kill Living Towers & Spawners) and the Acid Spit ability is super useful against walls.
  • Cultists Master + Furnace of Flesh: best void manipulation tool in the game.
  • Mutating Frenzy: pretty good melee unit that is used both to clear Rogan's way (ranged units have an hard time given MotKs presence) and for oneshotting Brannoc by stacking its ability multiple times.
  • Corsair: used to reach the bossfight arena without clearing the fire emitters. Here's important to note that the switch provides ground presence. Used in combination with Enlightenment
  • Dreadnought: used to stack up Mutating Frenzies infinitely. Obviously spawned after an Enlightenment use.
  • Makeshift Tower: used to defend your wells from the small waves (2 Thugs) that attack you. Useful mostly for its S-knockback ability.
  • Tunnel: used for both teleporting units strategically and to block Jorne.
  • Breeding Grounds, Surge of Light, Curse of Oink, Thunderstorm, Regrowth, Frenetic Assault (G), Soulshatter: some of the best offensive & support spells/buildings in the game. Nothing much to say here.


Hope you enjoy this run as much as I do,

See you in the Forge,


Titans Solo P2 19.45.pmv

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