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Ignore function for the forums (resolved/found (sry :) ))

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1 hour ago, Asraiel said:

Doesnt tell anything 

Ignore function for the forums

which specific "function" or all of them? if last is ment then u should change topic to: Ignore the forums 

Would be better to place this topic in "General Talk"

Mein Freund, dass Du aus dem deutschsprachigen Teil der Schweiz kommst, kann man an jedem einzelnen englischen Satz ablesen. Bevor du sprachlich vor anderer Leuten Türen kehrst, kümmer dich doch erstmal um deine sprachlichen Baustellen. DU Vogel bist im Übrigen der Grund warum ich dringend nach einer Ignore Funktion hier frage... so viel Worte, so viel Meinung... so wenig Wissen - kann ich gerade nicht ertragen! (JA, ich bin krank und leide an einer schweren Depression mit einer sehr akuten Phase)

Gerne passe ich - auf hinweis eines MUTTERSPRACHLERS - meinen Post an, wenn er missverständlich ist, aber ich denke es ist klar wo ich hin will :)

Mostly autotranslated:

My friend, that you come from the German-speaking part of Switzerland can be read from every single English sentence. Before you sweep linguistically in front of other people's doors (german saying), take care of your linguistic problems first. YOU "Vogel" (german very soft insult, almost cute) are by the way the reason why I urgently ask for an Ignore function here... so many words, so much opinion... so little knowledge - I just can not stand! (YES, I am ill and suffer from a severe depression with a very acute phase).

Gladly I adapt - on hint of a native speaker - my post if it is misleading, but I think it is clear where I want to go :)




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Ignore function for the forums translator says: Funktion für die Foren ignorieren

but i guess u ment:

function to ignore user's 


but for that it gives a funtion just ignore it. i have the choise to read and react to post if i want to ignor them i do so no need for a function

if u dont like me, my artistic way of useing the english language or the suggestions i make. wy does u react to them? just ignore them 

würde sagen ich bin mit allen Wassern gewaschen or enlish i know every trick in the book

got a very thick skin 

Edited by Asraiel
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  • Volin changed the title to Ignore function for the forums (resolved/found (sry :) ))

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