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Have fun with Unholy Hero Ravenheart Dmg


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If you ever needed to kill a lot of XL units or have fun.


Slap a Ravenheart down

Cast Unholy hero + Life weaving on it.

Heal it you have it later.


Shoot harpoon (Unholy boosts dmg) , then mine (Unholy boosted dmg).

Kite them by moving away from them.


I think this is how Ravenheart was supposed to be played out, but t4 pvp is not a thing

so it still remains a meme.


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if i was a pvp guy, i would petition for or craft a pvp map with an NPC fortress in between the two players. to get through it you would at least need t3..then people would clash at higher tiers. the fortress would send out waves of enemies with increasing power so that people have to destroy it sooner or later.

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I would love to see the speed increased for that card. Like even Death Ray gets fast at u3 ^^

And now Battleship got the speed buff if shielded aswell. Can't there be a similar ability for ravenheart? 

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