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Mind Control Swapped/Mind Controlled Units Bind Power Discussion

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I am opening this topic to bring up a suggestion for changes to mind control/ swap with the goal of making it more fair in PVP scenarios as the ability to create unbound units and effectively insta-kill an opponent's unit makes creating larger units very risky in matchups against any shadow splash or double nature as there are simply not enough consequences for swapping and swap-backs/interceptions are arduous and often impossible: (especially for shadow nature who can easily intercept swapped nightguards)

This is especially important for factions who cannot take the unit back on their own!


The Suggestion/Idea:

Swapped/Controlled units will bind power according to their original cost and the player who initiates swapping gets only the difference back as void power: instead of receiving all of the immediately power into his void pool. Once the swapped unit dies or gets swapped again the other part of the difference is returned to the void pool. This PVP focused idea would enable swapping to become less of a "insta-kill plus mind control" and turn it into an actual exchange by making said player gain void power like normal when the swapped unit dies or is swapped back. The original owner will experience it the same as it is currently; as if it the unit died. But if they can take it back they get a free unit instead, adding risk to swap. This would respect power levels fairly as currently unbound units are exceptionally powerful and it creates the situation where swapping is worth it for almost all expensive units.

The main goal is to make it less imperative that a player kill unbound units and decrease how often mind control or swapping occurs. I am not aware of any effects that simulate what is mentioned and thus it may well be unimplementable but I'd like to earmark this topic as an "ideal" if one day it can be implemented. It does seem quite desirable and fights the "swap everything large" gameplay we have today.


Explanation of my initial idea for mechanics: (I don't think this can be implemented as far as I know)


Original owner of unit experiences the swap as if the unit died but the swapping player does not get all of the power sent to the void, depending instead on the difference between the cost of the swapped unit and the cost of the swapping unit + ability: e.g. War Eagle costs 100 power & Nightguard uses 65 + 75 power to swap it, resulting in 40 power returning to the void pool & 100 power remaining bound to the eagle


As for PVE: What do swappable units actually cost for orbs & power cost? Part of me thinks this wouldn't affect PVE at all but it depends on this aspect.

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It is a good question for PVE: Some units on maps are blocked and almost every unit of the same kind which spawns is not blocked due to orb and power requirements. Swapping very powerful and fun but it is also a bit situational in PVE seeing it nerved would certainly not make me happy ^^. As for pvp - lore wise it would make sense that a swapped nightguard should still bind the power of the player who summoned it and thus be a risk for him since the other player can "keep her body safe" same goes for the player which was victim to the mindswap. His unit should still bin his power and upon it's death it should return the power to the original owner. So if your sunderer gets swapped by a nightguardand you keep the nightguard safe and kill the sunderer you have a big advantage. getting your sunderer void back and keeping the void of the enemy player.

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Hey Weakl1ngs, just use the mountain rowdy more ;) 

I can see where you are coming from, since Pure Frost has a hard time against Pure Nature and Nightguard with CC. Overall I don't think that nightguard is too strong and it is kinda neccessary against other units. Stone Tempest, Mountaineer or Reaver would make certain Matchups really hard and oppressive. You can already see that in other Factions that don't use Nightguard. Once it got implemented the use of L-Unit + Buffs/CC's/Heal really went down after a time when Instant T2 Reaver/Vile Blood/Deep One were one of the best and easiest strategies in the Game that got many people in the top 40 in a time when BF had a lot more players. 

What I want to say is, that it is weird that it does not bind power but nerf with caution, because Nightguard is keeping the abuse of other L-Units in check. And I'd rather keep the Nightguard how it is and not risk this old cheesy Tactics coming back. 

I think that IF you wanted to nerf her, it should be a decrease in range, this would maily impact Frostsplashes, since they have more time to coldsnap or Pure Frost can use War Eagle scream. When the Nightguard got nerfed a long time ago, when it was even used to counter EP's, there was also a big discussion about the powerbinding aspect. Someone from the dev Team can correct me but I think it is not that easy or better not worth it to implement a powerbonf to enemy units.

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Lol, We'll see in time if rowdy is actually worth it, I'm quite capable of policing rogue eagles though:)


I've heard it said that the game was once balanced around upgrade 2 & not upgrade 3, perhaps a range decrease is worth it or some kind of CC immunity to a swapped nightguard so she can reliably get away & swap again but keeping power bound makes swapped units "normal" which seems more ideal for all factions and not just eagle & stone tempest which could probably stop a lesser nightguard.

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