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Looking for Stonekin Deck (Frost/Nature) advice

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So I want to build a deck around the stonekin, since I like their design and the combo behind frost/nature, it offers some solid defense, but also a decent amount of sustain.


I have built a rough deck idea and the only unit missing so far is grinder, which ill get eventually. Does anyone have some suggestions for a deck themed mainly around the Stonekin (Frost/Nature)?

My deck feels quite weak to me and I don't know what I could do to improve it. Would love some advice!

Ill link a screenshot of my current deck.


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  • ApireX changed the title to Looking for Stonekin Deck (Frost/Nature) advice
53 minutes ago, ApireX said:

PVE mainly

Pve is a wide field in BF/SR. If you try to run one deck for all you will prolly never have a good deck for any purpose.

Indeed there are some campain maps, that work quite good with an allrounder, but for most maps it will make sense to bring a customized deck, because it makes things much easier.

35 minutes ago, kuwahara said:

hi,you have many towers i would remove 2 of them and add 2 t4 units

Please take this statement with a grain of salt. For some campaign maps where defense is important, 4 towers (especially if they are distributed over the tiers like yours) can make sense. For other missions or rpve it would be 5 towers too much :P


So far I can only think of 2 general statements about this deck in terms of PVE: You have way too many units in any case and the ones you have don't fit together well in some cases. For example, you have 2x T1 ranged units, which both get their strength by stacking. Here 2 slots serve exactly the same purpose, something you should always avoid.

Are you sure, that you know how juice tank works, as there is a missunderstanding for most people? Juice Tank does not make that your wells provide more engergy, it does make them only run longer. Its a very special card, that makes only sense for very special purpose imho

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3 minutes ago, ApireX said:

What is RPVE exactly?

Battlegrounds, lower right corner of the map. Battlegrounds/BG/RPVE are the most common names for that mode.


4 minutes ago, ApireX said:

And yeah I'd like to have an allrounder to get through most campaign maps on my own.

This is probably where your deck feels weak, unfortunately. You're trying to do something very specific with a general approach.

I can highly recommend this guide from @Dallarian, which shows nice approaches for each map without having to pull out the super-special cards. But if you don't adjust a bit to the tasks, it sometimes becomes very difficult.


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Get rid of Stone Shell, Earth Keeper, your T2 is already nice.

Consider Razorshard instead. Also spells like Ensaring Roots. For sure you need more T4 units, like Giant Wyrm. End-game Stonekin unit is Grinder, but it is a bit expensive to get. Great Stonekin advantage is access to Coldsnap and Curse of Oink, they help greatly and it's worth to have both in your deck.

rPvE deck doesn't need towers, and some campaign maps too, so you could get more spells and units instead.

Also what Volin sent is not an actual guide, it's just introduction of maps, and as mentioned earlier, you must polish your deck for particular Expert, and sometimes non-expert maps.

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If it's a general purpose pve deck I'd stick with just the t2 and 3 towers, drop shards and earthkeeper for a tempest, a much better anti M solution and it's very strong spammed with 1-2 aggresor. Grinder I'd only call alright, prone to getting instantly killed. Honestly just don't take them vs bandits and they are fine but bandits just hardcounter the poor buggers with all the burst damage. Definitely don't make him a priority. Also werebeasts for t1 will walk over almost every expert map except nightmare shard. Truly godly units at t1, especially backed up by a blue dryad. Usually run a 3-4 cards t1 as nature depending on if mark of the keeper will be useful. Viridya is very strong for stonekin at every tier though optional. Run both gemeyes for t4 and you should be fine. Can throw a grimvine if you feel like it for t4 heavy maps. Gemeyes range tends to let them annihilate everything pretty easily.


Biggest note!!!!!! Coldsnap or oink!!!!!

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I made a stonekin deck recently which can do rpve 9 and most campaigns. Most even on expert. Once i reinstall the game i can post it here. I just made that deck because i pulled a promogrinder and wanted to make good use of it xD

While it is certainly not a bad idea to make specific decks for some expert maps in the campaign, it is not neccessary for the majority of all expert maps and not at all for advanced.

Things i can tell you right now about your deck:

Matter mastery is veryvery useful and makes many maps a breeze. Good pick. If you want to synergize well with this card then start with frost and pick up homesoil and get this t3 building ..names..frontier keep. If you do not have Shrine of Memory then Shrine or Martyrs does synergize well with this.

You go in grab a tower with matter mastery. You play the frontier keep(red affinity) to freeze every unit around your new building + no dmg reduction to them for free and then you use homesoil to clean up. Using the shrine of martyrs ability beforehand is a good option to get your void back if you have lots of it.

You have too many t2 units. Stoneshards and crystal fiends are nice units but i would drop them in most cases and get spells instead. Whle being expensive and low dmg..agressor can help greatly in most pve maps due to knockback, especially since expert maps tend to throw large units at you very early or spawn untis which knock your small and medium units around like toys. For my deck i kept razorshard(green aff) but i did not start with nature so you got the heals already from shamans and will get more mileage out of agressor.

Your t1 treespirits is a great card in a rootdeck, but since you do not follow up with more roots and are going for the stylish stonekin towers, you should let go of the roots in this case.

Stonekin has a problem with low dmg output, but has a good defense so i usually pick the shadow affinity gemeye.

You have the t3 stonewarrior with nature affinity, but you do not have a paralyzing option until t4. I would go with the frost affinity stone warrior and at least one freeze spell to freeze exactly the right stuff and finish it off VERYVERY quickly with the stonewarriors ability, OR you get a paralyzing unit instead of rageflame as the other t3 (suboptimal since rageflame is nice)..smarter might be adding creepng paralysis.

3 T3 units are too many - drop something and get a spell at least.

Lastly i have never used juce tank..i bet it is useful but it was never necessary to me. I would pick up a spell instead.

Stonekin units are expensive. A useful card might be breeding grounds for you.

One t4 unit is not enough especially if it is a low dmg and plus CC unit. You might do some dmg with the stonewarrior ability and the paralyzed units by gemeye, but summoning a t3 when you are at t4 is a waste in most cases. To go to rpve lvl 9 with this deck you should add at least 4 charges of grinder and a purple gemeye full of charges.

I made some space in my deck specifically for the kobold engineer to keep defensive positions on autorepair for maps like bad harvest and such. If you want to be able to defend bad harvest expert you will need gemeyes added to your defense since the stonekin towers are quite weak on the dmg side. For some maps i would say northstar plus a freeze spell at least can be very handy since there are units like for example the gemeyes/bandit walkers in bad harvest expert which you just want to kill asap and cc before they melt your defenses.

Not gonna argue with your second F6, if you bother to micro this one and play it well it is great, if you find out your little helpers are dying before you really make use of its special attacks then get something else..i liked timeless one for my deck but that is not a stonekin. Was just a cheap freezing option to me as my second t3 unit.

GL and HF =)

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