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Ocean Script Error

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NAME: Game "stops" - critical error on Ocean.

DESCRIPTION: On Ocean Campaign map, after triggering event "in 90 seconds Blight's ships from all sides" and letting count to 0, I am not sure if ships spawned at all. After a moment the game felt like as if I alt tabbed, changed screen to kind of blurry and shifted, from Forge point of view, open on "daily quest tab". Error appeared in different window. I had to turn of game using Task Manager. I was distracted, so no more details.

REPRODUCIBILITY: LOW / Unknown. You'd be flooded by reports if it was common. Checking right now if it reappears. For me 33% 1/3 on most current build, and 20% 1/5 after release.



No screenshot of "blurry shifted screen", I was distracted and had no time to properly make one. Sorry.
Replay was not saved after the game.

LOG: LOG + 3 other files that were generated at similar time: crashdata.mdmp , movie.pmv , movie_deck.pmv . I do not how and if those are relevant, but they appeared in this location at similar time.


ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Not dependant on difficulty: Happened on Expert for me and on Standard for kenjil. I have lost all Dropships and had problems with triggering last event (did not clear all buildings), so the whole map was played very slowly (50 minutes).

crashdata.mdmp movie.pmv movie_deck.pmv _log_proxy_0.log

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