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Have you considered using cloud services for the application engines?

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This can reduce cost on infrastructure a lot and you could get services like CDN which can help the reachability of the application without lags and are good failovers.  Lot of services internationally are managed by AWS with sole purpose to manage servers and reduce server upkeep overtime. Please share your thoughts.

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Can you tell me from where you get the information that it is cheaper? Weaker configuration on AWS cost 621.12 $ per month. (weaker, because quick estimate did not even allowed me to chose 16 CPU cores)

In companies I worked for, when cloud costs was calculated, it was always cheaper to self host things after just 2 or 3 moths, and that includes cost of buying whole machine.

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Well, I was not the one who resurrected it 😛 maybe mods did some change to it, or whatever, but it appeared in "Unread Content", so do not blame me for that, I do not check if "Unread Content" is also newly posted content.

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16core processor along may cost around 1000 - 2000$ approx. or more depending on quality. One advantage of AWS like cloud provider is that you get flexibility in scaling you application, basic level security and are time tested.  Also, most of the server infrastructure is managed by AWS along user on need to worry about maintaining there application, security setup. To maintain a physical server the cost of server is just one among many expense. You need to have reliable security and maintenance to make it which wont be any cheap than 600$or 1000$ per month.

AWS have different premium and support plans based on which offer could varying, 


This was just a thought as there were lot of people encouraging to share thoughts on game improvement as the team wasnt much during initial release. This was two year old question which even i had forgot as not much response came earlier, no offense. I myself is working as cloud application developer for 5 years, hence the idea. 

A lot of companies are moving there on premise(physical) server to cloud in order to reduce cost. Netflix is one example. Please refer link: https://aws.amazon.com/solutions/case-studies/netflix-kinesis-data-streams/#:~:text=Netflix%20uses%20Amazon%20Web%20Services,100%2C000%20server%20instances%20on%20AWS.


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The part why I responded to question I think was new, was already answered, but since then another option came to my attention. Which is when a spam bot post something in a dead topic, and I open the page before someone delete it, but click on the topic, after someone delete the spam, I will not have any visual indication that the topic is old, unless I check the date on the post.
And for why no response was earlier, I just did not know about about the question

For the pricing itself:

(random german website, because I think server is in germany now): "https://www.hetzner.com/de/dedicated-rootserver/ax161/configurator#/" For just 129,47 € per month they have "AMD Ryzen™ 9 5950X", 128 GB ECC RAM, "2 x 3.84 TB NVMe SSD Datacenter Edition", while Amazon asks for "m5ad.8xlarge" 32 vCPUs, 128 GB RAM, and only 2 600 NVMe SSD whole 1497,96 $ per month, which means, that for price of single server in AWS there could be easily 10 dedicated servers.

In last 5 years companies I worked for was moving stuff to the cloud, and every single time it was significant cost increase for the company. And with one small exception it did not bring any cost savings, and that exception, was no where near to cover the flat cost increase (jut to be clear it was still big cost increase).
So I personally have no clue why so many things are moved to the cloud, where it cost so much more.

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