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Gold for each rPvE map?

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I searched the wiki and the forums, but I couldn't find anywhere a list of how much gold you get in 1, 2 and 4 player maps at each level, 1-10 (does it change with how many players you have? Ex. if you have 3 players instead of 4 on a 4 player rPvE, will everyone get more gold?)

Curious if there's a list out there.

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Well the wiki is far from finished, the gold page is already created in a way, that eventually it will be possible to have the gold data for specific modes also on the specific mode pages, without having the need to maintain all different pages if changes occur. For now the gold page is where u find all info about gold that has been collected and only there.

Feel free to approach me in Discord if you'd like to help expand the wiki. 

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