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ART PSD files for cards?

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Is there a resource that has more PSD images for Battleforge? In the game files there are a lot of card artwork and roughly five PSDs, which are photoshop files that contain many things like layers, earlier concept backgrounds, etc. But they are much higher quality than the actual ingame cards.


Does a database of these files exist somewhere or were they lost say when Phenomic closed or just never released?


It'd be really cool to get a chance to look through these!


Examples of a psd: unit_phantom_artwork_original.psd


Has the layers:



Was there any history on the unused "poledancer" card found in another psd file?



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Not sure that there are more than those PSD images. 

Also would depend on what you would want to do with them, since they are still official artwork and we (staff and community) shouldn't be messing with them a lot.

Nanorhino does our own artwork from scratch, does not reuse existing images.

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