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some numbers on the current ecconomy

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I thought, maybe you are interested in some numbers... I took all my BPF and bought 29 boosters from the shop. So I spent 13050. Despite this should shave been 13.5% of a promo, I got none (is it still a chance of 1/200?). Anyhow, I kept one or two uncommon and cheap rares to complete my collection and put all the other rare and ultra rare into the AH. Basically all for a slightly lower buyout price than the current market value. If all the cards will be bought - I doubt, because a Sandstorm for ~50 is quite high - I get 8190 back. Result would be 280 BFP per booster.

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that math
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:thinking: where you get that 14.5% chance for promo?

199/200 is chance to not get promo in a booster 0,995, if you 0,995*0,995*0,995*...0,995 29 times you will get chance to not get promo in any booster 86,47077%, so chance to get at least one promo in 29 boosters is 13,52923%

Last time I checked most boosters was not worth it, but even 10 expesive cards (based on their sold prices in AH) while acounting for their chance in boosters make opening boosters worth it, while counting every other card to be worth 3 :bf:

But I do not have access to current AH data, so the cards are maybe much cheaper now. (and I also do not know if the promo chance as changed)

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On 5/31/2020 at 8:48 AM, Flrbb said:

14.5% is from 29*1/200

did not invest much brain capaticity to that math...

 x`D facepalm my friend   it´s  (1/200)²⁹ ||||   or  (199/200)²⁹ = (probability)  0,8647..%  chance to not get promo     --->  1-(199/200)²⁹  =  chance to get promo 0,13529...  --> 13,529%

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