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Ashbone Pyro Deck

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After a few requests..

For all those who want to have fun cleaning a level 9 Rpve map with Ashbone Pyro.

Trick : Use motivate on nightcrawler (Infect) for more dmg.

PS : The Bloodhorn card is only here if you ever lose all of your Ashbone Pyro.. Sometime shit happens ^^


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20 hours ago, Kybaka said:


Moving into an enemy camp with a full team of Ashbones (12+) and then sacrifice one them with Motivate is almost as impressive as a fully burning Bata. Camps are gone really fast!

The only thing better with this is when you have a team mate also doing an Ashbone deck, then you have 20+ units destroying camps in seconds! :D

// Ponni

Thought about the team aspect mentioned above and created a deck which could be a good complement to Kybaka's deck:


Then you and a friend could have a lot of fun clearning those rpve maps!

Cards that could be used also (Revenge, Inferno and Motivate are perhaps not needed...Kybaka's deck have two of them already and Inferno is a bit expensive power wise...):

- Mumbo Jumbo (Fire) - for bosses to take 20% extra damage

- Offering (Nature) with Rifle Cultists - to spam t4 spell cards like Cluster Explosion.

- Offering (Nature) with Magma Spore - to spam Ashbones, once charges are depleted you could quickly get one more and one more and one more, etc... :)

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My Ashbone deck. This does work solo, you will need to have very good void manipulation to make this work on some maps though and LS maps can hurt. If you are new to this deck i recommedn playing with a friend first who also plays ashbones.
This one is more related to how you played them in the old speedruns - t3, with mass ashbones (20+) - obviously wheel stack and second chance do not exist anymore so we have to make do with some secondary cards.
The biggest advantage of an Ashboene-deck is that you do not need any t4 cards, so you can save 300 power on that, due to the missing cards above you need much more support cards than in the past which makes this quite an slot hungry deck:

Netherwarp to avoid the initial artillery shot from bases and to reach the spawn camp nicely, can also be used abilities such as Slavemaster Sandstorm, Shots from Commandowalker & Hellhound as well as generally a very good repositioning tool. i tend to port myself towards the outher edge of camps, preferably the side of the spawn camp, to reduce angles units can attack my ashbones from and to maximize the cc i get out of frenetic assault.

Triple Heal: Ashbones are quite fragile, especially so mass heal is required, due to their passive even in between camps. I like to use Surge of Light for when single Ashbones get low to save on charges - mostly not necassary if you play well around offering (which you should do anyways, to maximize Ashbones).
Revenge + CC for similar reasons. CC is vital and Frenetic Assault is doing that perfectly, also while Ashbones do damage it is not massive unless you have a huge army and Frenetic helps out greatly in that regard.

Infect: Great additional damage source and tanks a lot of damage, Motivate crawlers early on instead of ashbones to not cripple yourself for later camps too much. Your army will not be that massive early on and motivated crawlers do a lot of damage. Can clear up leftovers of camps and can be used afterwards to kill incomes early on if necassary.

Offering to get your Ashbone army rolling early on as well as to reset cooldowns for Frenetic Assault and Infect if necassary, as well as Netherwarp if necassary later on.

Motivate goes without speaking for shadow t1 and as mentioned usefull for crawlers and later on Ashbones.

FoF + Cultister Master for void manipulation (if someone has SoW, even better) - On some maps you might need 5 Cultist Masters: Group them up in 2 groups of 3 and 2 respectively and activate them anti cyclic every 15 seconds to essentially always get void back. (So start with the group of 3 --> after 15 seconds activate group of 2 --> after 15 seconds group 1 again --> ...)

Resource Booster to get the necassary power to build your army quickly, Ashbones in low numbers get VERY weak very fast, numbers are key here. Splicer for t1 clear

Inc Mo.: Only build against Lost Souls and Twilight - always use the benevolent Mo (yellow), against Lost Souls lets you avoid the anti ranged effect of Lost Dragons at least partially, Spellbreakers will debuff the Immunity from some of the Ashbones, but with sheer number it still makes sense, Against Twilight the twilight whisperers can mass blind your whole army which you can avoid with yellow mo.

Fallen Skyelf for bosses - you will never see a boss drop qiuet like with 20+ motivated ashbones + Fallen Skyelf on the boss.

Shadow Mage over Shadow Phoenix or Harvester because it is the most Slot efficient t2 unit in this deck. Shadow Mage works very well in rPvE with Netherwarp and Motivate, two cards which are mandatory for this deck anyways.

The rest should be self explanatory.

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