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What about Seasons?


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Hello Skylords ,

Creating this post to see what would you guys think of having a season in the game, just like fortnite apex or diablo have,

My suggestions are having special quest during the season( 1 2 or 3 months whatever),

Quest rewards could be exotic from gold to bfp and boosters, maybe we could get some special skylord icon ? Something Collector that only those who succeed in X achievs during the season would have access to? Or some kind of special design showing that this player did this achiev? 

Everything would be optional , some will clear out some quest just by playing like they usually do, some will focus on the challenges offered by the season which could be a tons of differents things, like clearing X map on X difficulty with this set of cards, pure elements or mix, or X elements at max.

Back then we had the option to buy pre constructed deck of any expansions, they used to cost 450 bfp, last for X amount of time(can't remember ) With every card rank 2+2charges , what do you think of this format for seasons? We would have option between pve and pvp decks, who would build the decks ? Mystery for  the moment but you get the ideas. BUT there could be a theme like no XL (something like that)

What about having a season, with pre constructed deck that you have play in order to complete achievs? 

I stop here or i could go forever with ideas, let's me know what you guys think of it, feel free to give your opinion and suggestion, if you think it's a good, very good, bad or terrible idea and why.

Thanks for your time, looking forwards for your feedbacks Skylords, have fun in the forge !

(btw sorry if my english is not 100% perfect, tried my best)

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This idea would give solution to unpopular pve campaign. I mean there are some realy cool map but most of the time we play random pve for gold. It would be nice if we could get some unique reward for completing the maps. 

I was thinking about the rewards (card,bfp,upgrade,gold,icon,booster,border...etc) and probably the best is icon or gold. May be both?

Also here is my suggestions for the "season":

-Completeing Lyrish Reaches campaign.
-Completeing Bladestorm campaign.
-Completeing Shattered Lands campaign.
-Completeing Southern Wastes campaign.
-Play these five map from community maps.
-Play all the 1 player map
-Play all the 2 player map.
-Play all the 4 player map.
-Play all the 12 player map.

What would make it intresting:
-Difficulty expert or time limit
-Use or dont use these cards( Building, Small units, 2 orb units...etc)

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Sounds like Special Events where some Maps are harder because of special requirements like:

-Units spawned are always Dazed (Half Life) through the entire run
- Enemy Units have 50% more HP or something like that.

-Any other handicap

Completing them give more rewards or a special Reward.

Would make the game more interesting. Its like Map of the Month where it is Monthly or weekly events.

I think thats a good idea

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