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  1. X7X7X7X

    What about Seasons?

    This idea would give solution to unpopular pve campaign. I mean there are some realy cool map but most of the time we play random pve for gold. It would be nice if we could get some unique reward for completing the maps. I was thinking about the rewards (card,bfp,upgrade,gold,icon,booster,border...etc) and probably the best is icon or gold. May be both? Also here is my suggestions for the "season": -Completeing Lyrish Reaches campaign. -Completeing Bladestorm campaign. -Completeing Shattered Lands campaign. -Completeing Southern Wastes campaign. -Play these five map from community maps. -Play all the 1 player map -Play all the 2 player map. -Play all the 4 player map. -Play all the 12 player map. What would make it intresting: -Difficulty expert or time limit -Use or dont use these cards( Building, Small units, 2 orb units...etc)
  2. X7X7X7X

    Open Stress Test - All you need to know!

    I rarely able to finish my game or start it. I have to keep re login again and again. Although it isn't problem because my re login speed lvl is over 9000! I happy this game came back from the grave. I hope it will regains the old glory.

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