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Balance Proposal: Shrine of Martyrs


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We voted to change Martyr shrine with 6 to 0 for the following suggestion. 


Make it t4 increase the void to shield rate to 1500% and let the shield absorb 70% of incoming damage.


We hope this will help to decrease the dependence on nature heals for sustain. Especially pure Frost now have someting to keep units healthy.

Since it gives all allies a shield related to their Void its difficult to balance. We can not change this jet. To make the shield bigger the less void u have instead of the more is also not possible jet.

We keep it in the mind for maybe it will be possible at some point.


Kind regards

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It'll be complete trash. Make the void to shield rate 5'000%, absorb 100% and reduce the cooldown to 45 seconds and it may see some play.

If we compare it with it's closest competitor (stone shell + regrowth) it's still not impressive.
Shrine of martyrs:
Cost: 125 binded power + lets say 500 void power (need to keep that number high).
Effect: 5000 hp shield on 5 units, or 4170 shield on 6 units, or 3570 shield on 7 units, etc...
Other: You can't tell when the shield is about to break and you have to keep track of one more cooldown which people who play more than one frost orb (also known as noobs) may have trouble doing.

Stone shell + regrowt:
Cost: 210 power that you can get back from void immediately (to be fair, void manipulation needs a nerf).
Effect: immortality

edit: added CoLoR

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1.Why stone shell ? Martyr  not give damage reduction. 

2. Stone shell + regrowth is not immortality. 

3. It's mainly useful for pure frost who not have void return or access to nature heals. I think it will see some plays. But maybe I m wrong. 

The Problem is not only the player who build the shrine get a shield but all allied players. If we can change this we can increase the ratio to 5000 % np. 

Also that there can be only 4 global buffs shown on top of the screen is a problem, I hope we can find a solution sometime. 

Kind regards

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5000% with 100% absorbtion?! You know what that means, right?

That means with 500 Void you will prevent 25000 damage with your units before the enemy will even begin to deal damage to your units. So the enemies will have to deal damage equal to the total life of around 5 strong XL units or a bit more than 6 Spirit Ships until you even need to consider a heal or something like that. Additionally the effect cancels once the shield is empty so that means you are able to activeate the ability as soon as that 25000 damage mark is reached and protect your units for another 25000 damage. With 45 seconds cooldown you basically need 3 shrines and you can keep absorbing all damage the enemy can throw at your units.

THAT is real immortality.

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If u have 3 shrines (375) and 500 void u will not have much energy left for units. So u will be "immortal" but u only have few units and deal no damage. U will at least want 4 units before u want high void. And I bet those ls necrobeast enemy's (archenemy or  something) will still deal enough damage.  

5000 % is too high but we could go up if it wouldn't effect all allies. 

We must see how it plays out in plays, if it's not enough we maybe should targed cooldown also. 

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