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Tam Hawkins

Giving up in PvP and doing it wrong.

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Hey guys,

I have recently started doing PvP and I thing I already behaved rather rudely.

I have seen on quit a few youtube videos that when a battle is lost but a few structures remain it is seen as good maners to give up (only if there is no chance left of course).

Now during my second Match I made some rather big mistakes and was running behind my enemy the entire match (wellwise). After he managed to destroy two of my wells and a monument I believed it was time to give up.

So I pressed esc and left the match. I was then shown the normal losing screen.

The problem is that in my stats I have now one win (first match) and zero loses (second match should make it one lose). Did I deny my opponent his win? Will my stats stay like that or do they just need time to update? If what I have done was wrong, is there another way to give up that avoids having my opponent running all over the map to destroy my last building/unit?



Another question in regards to my match but not in regards of giving up.

One of the problems I had during the match was that the unit I spawned in the beginning was swapped by my opponents Night guard, I managed to escape and retake my Unit and even kill his nightguard.

The problem was that when wanting to take over a well right after my unit had no ground presents. That lead to me falling behind in wells and was probably the biggest mistake and the one that lead to most other mistakes.

My Question: Is it normal that units that got swapped have no ground presents?


Thanks for your Anwers and to my opponent a hefty apology for messig up the end of the match,


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For the first question can you recheck your statistic in few minutes?

For second question I have no idea how that mechanic is supposed to work :( 

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Second Question:

I'm not 100% sure but if I remember correctly it works like this: Swapped units usually don't have ground presents with exceptions of the units who are able to do the swapping. For example if you have a nightguard and swaps her with a sunderer, the enemy has ground presents with your nightguard but you don't have groundpresents with the sunderer. When he switches back you will get the ground presents with your nightguard back but the enemy won't have ground presents with his sunderer anymore.

I don't know what happens when you switch a nightguard with a nightguard though :D

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Ok I looked up my score again and the lose is counted now. So it robably just needed some time to update.

21 hours ago, SunWu II. said:


That is good to know^^, I will avoid that mistake in the future.


Thanks everyone.


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