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Reward distribution

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NAME: Distributing rewards as non-host of the lobby


LOCATION: post-game screen


DESCRIPTION: After the game I had to assign rewards to players, even tho I was not the leader of the group, nor did I create the game. I player left during the game, which might has caused the bug.


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:thinking: that sounds weird. To be sure there is no misunderstanding:

  • there was 2 players in group.
  • you did not create that group.
  • you left before the match ended
  • this screen appeared when other player finished the match.

so questions:

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I joined the lobby
I dont know what the other players saw
Originaly we were 4 players in that group
I did nothing special after the match
Rewards were correct


Edit: I am not 100 % sure anymore if the one who left during the game was actually the leader but I if so I would confirm ur assumption

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