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2 - "Errorcode -1" when trying to login

Chimaka( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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NAME: "Errorcode -1" when trying to login
LOCATION: Login screen
DESCRIPTION: Error appears, if you happen to enter your password or login wrongly (typo or just improper, whatever). So: steps to reproduce it are
>Enter wrong password/e-mail
>get the "...wait 10 seconds..." message
>wait and enter proper password/e-mail
>Forever "Logging in", then the Error appears with following "Disconnected" window.
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Enter your password on the first try, either restart your client, if you happen to enter wrong one.




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I have this problem too, since when the beta came out, had other emails before announcing that there could be mulltiaccount, so I started to use only one account (which, by the way, is this), I hope until today to solve this error, I played the game a little, game on a different nootbook / pc and error persists, is the third time I do this. 

every now and then I wander around the game forum looking at game news and player ideas, I look forward to playing this game that was so charming in my youth, I was not good, I had 200-600 hours, but I had a lot of fun


grammatical errors or lack of logic is the google translator's fault


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It happened to me today.

The auction house was not refreshing properly so I did log out and in again, but the client reported this "Errorcode: 1".

Since then i cant log in anymore, i'll give it another try this evening.




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