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1 - Gained Upgrades to Cards/Uprgrades I allready own

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NAME: Gained Upgrades as reward to Cards/Uprgrades I allready own

SEVERITY: 1, maybe 2

LOCATION: Post-game (when you get your rewards from campaign)

REPRODUCIBILITY: Tried just once but it is very clearly a bug, which is new since the last update

DESCRIPTION: I do own the Swamp Drake upgrade Level one, dunno if I own level 2 and 3 also. Level one is applied to the card. As reward from Crussade I got all upgrades, no gold. I am quite certain that I do own all Upgrades from crussade by now. In the upgradescreen none of those is visible.

SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: attached. It explans everything better than words.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: - The swampdrake is just one example. This is related to all(?) cards


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Didn't know it also allowed you to get upgrade duplicates but it certainly makes it impossible to upgrade cards or to undo it.upgradebug.thumb.png.8c6d3d2a839a1a59635df3989ae5f136.png

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