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[Request]PVE Expert Replay pmv Files


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Morning fellow Skylords,

i'm searching for replay pmv files from the Open Stress Test.

We are a group of 3 players trying to manage the 4 player maps in expert and fail, and i think we would fail with 4 players too.

Advanced we managed all, but the difficulty rise in Expert is steep.

Youtube Replays are not helpful, because they are mostly special Solo Replays.

And you get only one POV (Point of View).

We like to have pmv files to see how it is "normally" done by choosing each player POV.

This thread is mostly targeted to 4 player maps, but i take anything i can get ;).

If you want to help please send a PM with an attachment, or attach them in this thread, if you don't mind to go (more) public.

Thanks in advance,



Replay files are found in "C:\Users\[Username]\My Documents\BattleForge\replays" and you must activate "save all replay files" in Battleforge Options.

Else you only have a replay of the latest run.

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Do you want replays of each map or just certain specific ones that you have trouble with? 

If you let us know on which part of the map you are having the most trouble with or you add replays of 'fails', people might be able to give some tips. Also if you see me online ingame when you guys are playing, just invite me and I'll play any map you want with you.

This thread might have some replays that could help: 


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We just started doing expert. First map we tried was Guns of Lyr and could not establish the defense fast enough.

I have a replay doing Lyr as Duo using Churches and Wordbreaker, but one defense has Church only and the other side Razorleaf only.

So for this Map i like to see other tactics than the "standard" using Church/Worldbreaker/Phoenix.

And which position does clearing the way for the Technici, or noboby?

After that we tried Bad Harvest, and here too we could not establish defense fast enough for the Gold Weagon.

And which Position defends which part of the Main Base?

So many questions which will answered best seeing doing it by other people.

For the old Battleforge there was a Website with many replays, but there was always the "outdated because of Update" Problem.

Now that at least the Client .exe is no more modified such a collection would make much sense.

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7 hours ago, Ultrakool said:

Moved and renamed for (hopefully) visibility

Thank you Ultrakool.

To be honest i didn't expect to get no Replay File at all.

A few are hidden in other Threads and difficult to find.

Maybe people are just shy to show their mistakes?

To reiterate what i'm looking for and why:

Replay Files of Multiplayer Expert Maps done by multiple Players (not Solo, or Duo 4 Player Maps) done the "normal" way.

This is to help our group and others to see working strategies.

I can only find Youtube Files of People doing awesome things Solo and not entire Groups.

In addition you only have one Point of View in Youtube Files, and that only helps one player at that position.

More "whys":

If you enter Expert Matchmaking you are supposed to know your "shit" and get the job done.

But if we try our working Advanced Strategies we are steamrolled and loose.

So we are trying hours and hours to find a Set of Cards to survive 10 minutes.

That is Ok and some fun of the game, but i would never enter Expert Matchmaking in that State and get flamed.


@MephistoRoss Thanks for your offer, but i don't see how that helps. Do you want to explain us what cards and how we must use them in the group chat?

If you enter Lyr Expert with us now at least one Def Side is done in 5-10 Minutes.

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