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Karl Lavafeld

Looking for help to make Maps

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somebody want help me on doing Maps? I can also use somebody who not have experience to just place some dekoration on the Map.

U have free time and are motivated is the only skill requirement. I teach u the rest.

Discord or skype would be good for communication.


Make Map together is more fun then alone. 

Map making includes :

Draw concept sketches , Textures , Map heights , Place Units and buildings , Dekoration , Scripts , Blocking areas , balancing ....


I also allways search for people just to play my maps. 

Pm me 

Kind Regards


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Yo, @Karl Lavafeld

eh...I'm busy doing my own map...maps...campaign for D&D, so...you know all this stuff is basically done alone. That's just me. Off-topic ->

Let's hop-up to the topic. What are you intentions? What kind of maps do you want to do? People need to know what are they signing-in to. Maybe you even have some sketches or ideas, which may appeal to someone and interest them.


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Official maps were not done alone. F.e. there is a "Level designer" and a "level artist".


I try build up a community to play and create maps , not one specific map i just now plan.

In fact i atm work on a new map. The Idea is u fight only against dragon and bird type units (there are a lot) , worktitle is "dragon hunt".

I allready invested about 5 hours. I want do maps like i allready did before ( Stumpland 1-8) . Check them out.

I just created a discord server for this community.


And its not like u "sign up" to a contract. You join a new personal contact without any liabilities other than being friendly and consider play or/and create community maps.


Kind regards

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Starting to make a map, even if you never did before?

Here is where you start:

Paper & Pencil, no I am not joking.

The first thing you need is a concept. If you dont have one you wont do maps even if you knew how to handle the map editor. Otherwise its easier to look exactly those things up on how to do it in a map editor if you already knew what you wanted to do.

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I've never worked with battleforge maps ...
But ... let's say I have a very strong creative side ^^
I'll watch the video on this topic and try to stay active here [if anyone is still interested in making maps]
I already have a slight idea for creating one (but I do not know if there is something like this).
As soon as I leave work (today) I will post a small sketch of what I have in mind.

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