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  1. Karl Lavafeld

    Map editor tutorials

    Ok since Ultraedit is not free , here is an alternative: Thx to @Zorscy sharing his scriptlist for notepad++ snippets plugin. Thx a lot. In notepad++ - you go to expansions - plugins- there you check "snippets" and click install. Then you rightclick in snippets dropdownmenue and choose "import libary. then u choose the 5 files attached here in the zip. Now you can choose the commands form the list and notepad++ will write the scripts for you. Kind regards BF_Taglist_Notepad.zip
  2. Karl Lavafeld

    Map editor tutorials

    I found some old tutorials. Some are in german but, if someone is interested they can use translate or somebody translate it for the community. Pls @MephistoRoss add it to the first post as a link. TY To make scripting of maps a little bit easier, attached you will find a tag list of all functions in BattleForge. To use to, follow the steps: - Download the attached file - Download, install and start UltraEdit - CTRL+F8 - Rightclick into the tag list > Modify Tags - Browse to the downloaded file - OK The tag list on the right hand side should now show all functions including needed parameters cointained in BattleForge. Have fun! Kind regards Import export in bf editor by kaldra.odt fortgeschrittenes script tutorial by Ajihad007.odt BattleForge taglist6c6c.txt bf ids.odt Tutorial__How_to_use_the_Cutscene_Editor_-_BattleForge_Forum.pdf
  3. Karl Lavafeld

    Want to learn making maps?

    i got this but didnt try use it jet. kind regards Tutorial__How_to_use_the_Cutscene_Editor_-_BattleForge_Forum.pdf
  4. Karl Lavafeld

    Want to learn making maps?

    Hi skylords, "Darkstrider/Flameforge" is willing to make a livestream tutorial/coaching. The lesson needs no previous knowledge in mapmaking, and should enable you to execute the most usefull map mechanics. There is no date jet we just want to investigate if there is general interest. If you interested join my mapmaking channel or give me a pm. Kind regards https://discord.gg/V5Ngc8
  5. Karl Lavafeld

    How to get back a decent player base?

    Like @Taker im thankfull you bring the game back. Every suggestion is meant constructive. Let's gather some ideas. 1. Ask gaming-youtubers to make a video about skylords. We should decide carefully on who to ask. And we must write a good text to point out that this is our loved game not a comertial interest. 2. Support or/and organize pvp and pve tournaments. 3. Support map makers, so at least old players not leave cause there is no new content. 4. Not wait with balancechanges. The game is flawed so why let new players experience the flaws. Just use the main server as testserver and change cards back to normal or to different change if the changes are not good. 5. Maybe the devs shoud search a promotion person who takes care of that topic. It could be a lot of work at least in the phase some months after release. Maybe I have more ideas I'll add later.
  6. Karl Lavafeld

    Reward/Proggression System Suggestion

    Even if wreckers are only viable in pvp but but not in pve that's allready much better than many other cards that are not viable in any mode. To make every card viable in both modes is not necessary and possible.
  7. OK the challange is over. Only 3 Teams give me a replay :-( . Anyone more would have participated would have automaticly won a price. Whatever , the winners are... 2pl Speedrun: 1: LEBOVIN + Pritstift 15:44 min (1500 BFP each) 2: Douglas + DerSuchti 24:04 min (1000 BFP each) 2pl Stylerun: 1: DieBieneMaya + Mettigel (1500 BFP each) 2: LEBOVIN + Pritstift 1pl Speedrun: 1: Pritstift 23:11 min Thank you to the participants, i hope u had fun playing the map. The speedrun times are way less then i thougt would be possible. The spare 9000 BFP that nobody won, i will divide through all 6 participants. So everybody gets 1500 BFP extra. All replays i will upload here. Kind regards intothejungle1replays.rar
  8. Karl Lavafeld

    How to make PvP more attractive (Discussion)

    Make t4 viable is not bad idea in general (at least for 2 vs 2) but has not much to do with deckslots. There are obviously some t4 cards that were meant to be pvp cards. See F. E. colossus ability, witch is useless in pve. But to achieve this you would Imo have to nerf many t3 cards and or change the cost of tech up. Pls correct me someone if I m wrong. :-)
  9. Karl Lavafeld

    How to make PvP more attractive (Discussion)

    I agree to everything stated but Imo it's only part of the problem. The game also needs more pvp players to provide a healthy pvp experience. Especially for new players. I tell from my silver or gold elo perspective. Atm you can play through the ladder to top 50 in 20 games or so. Allready back in the days under EA it was like that. 2-3 game vs players that do nothing then leave. Then some games vs player that not have basic knowledge of the game. F. E. do things like play defencive towers so you can just grab wells instead fight. Then some OK games. And then you reached top 50 and must face veterans. Some of the games might still be ok but you also allready might get crushed by them. Summerized short we have too less games of each elo or too less players. And I doubt there are so many waiting for the reset. I guess we would need about 3000 pvp players online at one time to make a healthy pvp experience. What can we do? Is it allowed for you to do any sort of promotion after release? Like events or let big influencers do a video on it. You should support any people like @Toggy that do events and broadcast skylords reborn. Imo you shoud gather ideas for promote the game in any way. The game has incredible unused potential. Kind Regards
  10. No! One replay one mode. So if you want participate in all 3 modes you ll have to give me 3 replays of 3 different attempts. I not want to be spamed with participations on modes that are not serious. Like this every speedrun replay could also participate for style even though the participant himself see no chance of winning. If you want participate in one more mode you ll have to play at least 1 more attempt. Kind regards
  11. No you can't. You have to give me 3 different replays. You can play it 3 times simular if u want, but I think you can play a stylish speedrun more stylish if you not pay attention to the speed. 2player speedrun you are not allowed to take both orbs at one base, 1 player speedrun you are so you will break the rules in a 2 player speedrun with your 1 player replay. Kind regards
  12. Yeah solo run cause some problems but you should be able to get the replay running after some trys. See the first post on possible solutions under known bugs. To me cases of pvp repays of observermaps that don't show up were reported and I had the same problem with random generated maps lately.
  13. Changed the first post. the only content change is that u now will stay in ranking for a mode even though u allready won higher or same price in another mode . But you will not get a price for the second. F.E. if u win 2pl speedrun and 1 player speedrun you will stay rank 1 in 1 player speedrun but you will only get the 2 player price. then place 2 in 1 player speedrun gets the 1 price. pls recheck this section in the 1 post of the competition. Kind regards And thx Lebovin help me make the text more correct in english.
  14. I need to do one hotfix sry. i need to ban one more card ( nightguard) its too broken cause u could take the units with antiranged aura and farm swampdrakes. I knew you could take the units but I somehow didn't notice they will still have the anti ranged aura (facepalm) . And when im allready patching i will fix the stuck respawn. sry for the inconviniance. but since the competition is so early and nobody posted a time jet i feel free do do that change. The translation for "Nightguard is banned" in french and russian i ll add after the competition. I also added another 6000 bfp pricemoney so that should be a compensation. The name of the Map now is "Into the jungle1" . Pls delete the old one in your map folder. I upload the new map ingame and exchange it in the first post. I wrote everybody who replied in this thread and I know participates a pm and wrote a information on discord battleforge talk. If you know somebody who plays the map tell her or him. Thy for understanding Thx Dion for finding this "exploit" Kindregards
  15. Added a second and third place price for solospeedrun and stylerun.

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