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  1. Karl Lavafeld

    nerf amii monument

    To make clear. Somebody else sayd "learn to play before u make a post like this" I just quoted and added a lol. I didn't make that clear enough. I say "What u say is wrong" referred to the statement its useless card. It's nearly always useful unless u can't find a free slot for it. Cause u at least save bound Energy. With "What have you ever done for the community?" I want make clear that I plan exactly the opposite of destroy the game balance. But the level designer point of view keeps being ignored from most of the people. Never the less I apologize for the little overstatement. People were for example called retarded, learn to play or u want to destroy the card for support the nerf suggestion. Please let's come back to less emotions and mostly less flame and more arguments. Kind regards
  2. Karl Lavafeld

    nerf amii monument

    Man whats wrong with you. What u say about amii monument is your opinion ok but you say i m not allowed to write Kind regards is just redicolous. I suggested to nerf a card. For you that is negative, and forbids me to say Kind regards. What have you ever done for the community? I made about 10 communitymaps. You can play my maps with amii but not think its balanced for that. All my balance test i would never use amii. Kind regards ( Its a term of politeness)
  3. Karl Lavafeld

    Looking for help to make Maps

  4. Karl Lavafeld

    nerf amii monument

    "blame the game not the player" is a common term for a reason. Np say your oppinion but not blame others for say theirs. Kind regards
  5. Karl Lavafeld

    nerf amii monument

    Is this allready offencive. I´d say yes. "learn to play" lol. And what u say is just wrong. Just read the posts before then u learn something. Kind regards
  6. Karl Lavafeld

    range test map

    Hi, on the way to my next pve map i made a map to test ranges of unit attacks unit abilitys and spells. Enjoy Kind regards rangetestermapEmmaerzeh.rar here a screenshot
  7. Karl Lavafeld

    Looking for help to make Maps

    Official maps were not done alone. F.e. there is a "Level designer" and a "level artist". I try build up a community to play and create maps , not one specific map i just now plan. In fact i atm work on a new map. The Idea is u fight only against dragon and bird type units (there are a lot) , worktitle is "dragon hunt". I allready invested about 5 hours. I want do maps like i allready did before ( Stumpland 1-8) . Check them out. I just created a discord server for this community. And its not like u "sign up" to a contract. You join a new personal contact without any liabilities other than being friendly and consider play or/and create community maps. Kind regards
  8. Karl Lavafeld

    Kaldra's Funmaps

    i found it out by myself its battlearena.
  9. Karl Lavafeld

    Custom maps collection

    hi , i try to get "battlearena " running its a nice funny map. I try pak it new but ingame i cant see it. anybody suggestions? pls get it running its good. Kind regards
  10. Karl Lavafeld

    Kaldra's Funmaps

    hi, i remember 2 guys made a awesome upgrade on your map "random unit". You remember the name of the Upgrade map and do you have it?
  11. Karl Lavafeld

    Official EA Videos for Battleforge

    Hi there Battleforge nerds^^, i remembered when BF was hosted by Phenomic they released some videos of the pruduction process. I like the video most of the Audio director. He f.e. showes how they made the sound for "energy paracite". And u see the orchester play the theme melodys. Unfortunately the interview is in german but i think even somebody not understand will understand what he is explaining through pictures. There is also a video of the Leveldesigner, Artist und Animator, Creative Director. Any of you, who dont know the videos its worth a quick look. The original tutorials of the game are also there. Official EA Battleforge Videos Kind regards
  12. Karl Lavafeld

    damage your allys

    Hi, some guys have no hobbys. just got a guy that decomposed my units to get himself advantage (in rpve). BF has some cards (shaddow) who can be used to troll your allies. And if u not play shaddowsplash u can do nothing against it. Is this really necessarry. zb change decomposer so he can only decompose his units and if i want give him my energy i must walk into his decomposer , so he can not use it if i dont want. riflecultis could only hurt himself and enemys not allies. soulschatter same as riflecultists. ... I know it would come with some disadvantages but i see the advantages would predominate. Like this the developers rely on the good manners of the players. And is it even a reason to report somebody if he decomposed your units without ask? Blame the game not the player. Its possible so... If it stay like this i recommend a shaddow splash in every pve deck so you can deffend yourself. Discuss Kind regards
  13. Karl Lavafeld

    Looking for help to make Maps

    Hi, somebody want help me on doing Maps? I can also use somebody who not have experience to just place some dekoration on the Map. U have free time and are motivated is the only skill requirement. I teach u the rest. Discord or skype would be good for communication. Make Map together is more fun then alone. Map making includes : Draw concept sketches , Textures , Map heights , Place Units and buildings , Dekoration , Scripts , Blocking areas , balancing .... I also allways search for people just to play my maps. Pm me Kind Regards
  14. Karl Lavafeld

    increase maximum deck number

    Hi, another one of the for after final release suggestions. I feel the current maximum deck u can have is not enough for me. (50) Its difficult to increase the number? I like to make a deck for every map for some maps each position one. For rpve every colour combination one. And for custom maps also. Kind regards
  15. Karl Lavafeld

    The Bandit's guide to pve

    First 2 sentences super entertaining and funny. Good tutorial. GJ. Ty

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