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  1. Karl Lavafeld

    Custom maps collection

    HI Karl, Just load your map into the editor and press... File- Pak map The .pak file now is in the folder where the loaded map is lokated. A old bf mapmaker could help me answer my question. Kind Regards
  2. Karl Lavafeld

    Quest & Achievement Suggestions Megathread

    give communitymaps loot Here i made a suggestion to give communitymaps loot. "Radical x" allready suggested the same. but i gave a suggestion how it could work. PLs take it into consideration. Kind Regards
  3. Karl Lavafeld

    Custom maps collection

    Thx so far,but how i make .pak files out of my files? Internet say just change the ending of the file to .Pak. for example "123.zip" change to "123.pak" But i still cant find the map. pls make a how to make your map into .pak for dummies for me. Ty in advance
  4. Karl Lavafeld

    choose the chats u wanna read

    Hi, if i write in chat i can choose for example "/trade" but all is shown in the same textbox. so whats the sense of u can choose. The text colour? some people spam wtb wtt wts all the time. I would suggest a option to not let the "/trade" chat be shown to you. maybe some people spam trade requests in global chat but maybe it will help a little. Kind regards
  5. Karl Lavafeld

    Custom maps collection

    1: where do i need to put the maps again (folder) to can choose them ingame? 2: Does the ingame comunitymap upload and download allready work? Kind regards
  6. Karl Lavafeld

    more reasons to play pure color t4

    Hi Skylords, its pretty not worth to play pure color t4 decks. t4 is super rare in pvp so we talk about pve here. all colors only have 1 or 2 pure t4 cards. and some of them are super situational. for example shaddow worm. why play t4 shaddow only for 1 card and then its shaddow worm. it must be super powerfull or its not worth. I know there are much more important things right now , but pls keep it in mind. There must be more pure t4 cards and they must be powerfull and usefull inmore then one map. Kind regards
  7. Karl Lavafeld

    loot for comunitymaps

    Hi Skylords, back in the day manny people never play comunitymaps, until they got all cards and upgrades. I suggest to give some comunnitymaps which are choosen by devs loot. for example i make a map. i tell the devs pls check my map. they check it and they choose its a good map or not. then they put the good maps onto a list. then they make a quest. play 1-x communitymaps from the list of chosen comunitymaps to complete the quest. tada now the people have a reason to play a comunitymap, and its no free loot. It motivate not only the players but the mapmakers too. Kind Regards
  8. Karl Lavafeld

    Closed Beta Applications

    HI I´m Karl Lavafeld aka Emmaerzeh . I apply as a beta tester. I played Bf back in the days since it came out after the beta. I played pve, pvp, rpve and i made custom maps myself. Maybe someone Remember my Maps . Since I m hyped about the game, even if i work i should have time for about 2 hours testing per day. The Weekends more. What quallifys me most for the testing is: I made a lot of custom Maps for BF. I allways tested my Maps before release. I liked the testing a lot. I hope u let me join the beta :-) Discord: Emmaerzeh#0240 Kind regards
  9. Karl Lavafeld

    Closed Beta Access Giveaway #1

  10. Karl Lavafeld

    move problems in Bf back in the days

    Hi, i look forward to Skylords open beta so i want give some suggestions how to improve the game. 1: The Game back in the day had a latency of how u could give movement instructions. U can even see it in old reviews. The click for movement made a noise but the Flag witch shows where the units move apears with some delay. (i guess 0,5 sec) And the units also not start move before the flag appears. I hope can be made more immediate. Its a Rts so this is important. Ofc we were all used to the delay and the game was still playable never the less it would be much better without the delay. 2: The Game had a strange bug that never was fixed. If u did attackmove on dead enemy corpses laying around the attack move didnt work. If u for example attack a base in rpve ofc all the enemy base was full of dead corpses, so u had to find a place without corpses to make it work. Imho this needs to be fixed too. Attackmove is too basic for rts. Kind Regards Karl Lavafeld
  11. Karl Lavafeld

    Battleforge Theme Soundtrack Remix by Emmaerzeh

    hehe ty bro for the upload. i did this for the bafo tv livestream channel. It also had unit quotes and caster quotes. http://original.livestream.com/bafo_tv Enjoy It
  12. Karl Lavafeld

    Map creators

    I made about 10 Two Player pve maps. I think when the Game is back i will do some more. Ingame Emmaerzeh. Greetings
  13. Karl Lavafeld

    ingame map downloader

    Welcome back tbo. Nice u give some insiderinformation. Bless u. Greetings
  14. Karl Lavafeld

    Design flaws of BattleForge

    I hope this fits to your thread. First of all I love the game and i m happy to get it back. I will deinstall other gods ähh ...games and only play bf then...:-) Some original Maps in bf had some problems in my opinion i want to explain. The difficulty gab from advanced to pro was in some maps to big. In advanced u could play every deck without challange and in pro u could only play 1 or 2 decks to win the game. Since the game had a awesome battlefield mode ,community maps and pvp mode it was no big problem to the game. Ascension: If any other Player on the map fails , u have no influence on it, or someone leaves the game. You loose. It was nearly impossible to find 12 people for that map. Oracle: Had this mini game at the end with the switches. i often had problems with the minigame more than with the map. Some Maps were extremely hard on pro and could be beeten only by exploiting special tactics, what made them repetetive and not varying,such as...: Dwarven riddle: 1 player stays t1 all game and only deffs the base the other solos the map. The other 2 are not needed but make u finish faster. Sun bridge : switching the switch imidiately or battle Twillight dragons+mobs with level 2. Behind Enemy Lines: was just a waiting game the first 20 minutes to gather a huge army for attack north and southeast simultaniously while killing the berserkers on their way to the place where they transform. Blight: i could only manage position 3 I allways found the game lacks coop-maps where u actually walk around together and both get wells and monus, and not both do their thing on different sides of the map and can only help eachother with spells. I m quite sure that some people could beat all maps with varying decks and tactics but only the top elite. "Equip Flameprotection +10^^" I not want to say this must be changed i just want to mention. Greetings
  15. Karl Lavafeld

    ingame map downloader

    I think u could change things in the Map by overwriting the map. Only the uploader could do that. But u could not change the map name. When i remeber right. U ever try to download a cool map for Warcraft 3 for example.U just get overwhelmed by the number of uploads. Find good maps in 100000 Map where 90% is not good is frustrating. A ratingsystem could help but has downsides too. 1 : it can be cheated by having multiple accounts or tell all friend vote good for my map. 2: If allready 100 good rated maps exist, and then u release a new good one nobody ever will see it cause your map is not listed high. I rly think there is no other way , the ingame maps section need an admin. In Bf u could allways play a map just by sending your mates and put it into maps folder, the downloader was just for comfort. Greetings

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