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  1. Karl Lavafeld

    Custom maps collection

    Hi all, i reworked some of my old maps. All maps that didnt have a minimap now have one. And Stumpfland 8 i added some decoration. I also release a brand new map. It took me about 50 hours to do it. Thx to everybody who helped. "dragonhunt" The Dragongod Doombringer went crazy and sends out his kind over the lands. You fight your way to the dragongod and slay it. Its a 2 Player Pve map. If u like the maps pls give a like here. All 11 maps are availeble here in one rar file or ingame. If u have the old version of the maps consider delete them manualy first, then download the new ones. The new ones i only upload the pak file, the old also had a folder and a .map file. Kind regards
  2. Karl Lavafeld

    different versions of one map online

    I ´ll just give my maps version numbers to at least make sure the newest is recognizeble. Like "dragonhunt 1.0" But maybe other people will reupload older versions after the serverstop. It will result in one map will be on the server in manny versions. And some day the server is stable there should be a way of deleting old maps. Not for the players but at least for the devs. So map makers can ask devs for delete. Kind regards I searched out a old thread from 2015 were "The Black One" made a statement. I dont think it will help but anyway is interesting. Kind regards
  3. Karl Lavafeld

    2 pl communitymaps freeze if played alone

    I tested 3 maps. My new map "Dragonhunt". One of my old maps that workes since years and wasnt changed "simpleland". And "umbabwe towerdefence" , also a old map from the custom map collection pool. Now it seems to work agian. Seems to was a temporary problem. Another thing i think u are allready aware of is that select a custom map in map selection screen only works if u are fresh reloged. after u played a game u cant start communitymaps. kind regards
  4. Karl Lavafeld

    2 pl communitymaps freeze if played alone

    Hello, just today tryed to start a 2 player communitymap alone. The game froze after some seconds in the game. One time it didnt finish load in loadingscreen. I tryed 3 different maps several times, it happend all the time. I tryed one player maps it worked. Edit: now it works... no idea why. No need get aktive. If it happen again i ´ll tell. Kind regards
  5. Karl Lavafeld

    different versions of one map online

    During the process of map testing a new map i upload it then i changed something and uploaded the new one . i thought it will overwrite the old one. I think back in the day it was like this?! This would have the folowing problem. If i upload a newer version of a map and somebody overwrites it with an older version. I suggest just the creator of a map and the devs should be able to upload a map to the server. Or is it allready like this? Now there are 2 versions of my new map online and they are both not final. You have a suggestion how to solve this problem? In future i wont upload any not final versions of a map. But there is allways the possibility that after some time u want update a map again. For now pls delete all versions of "Dragonhunt" from the servers. I soon will release the final version. Edit: I just see i changed the Name from two words to one word... that is one part of the problem. Kind Regards
  6. Karl Lavafeld

    new T1 units for the "mixed" fractions

    Like it's a fire card with affinity towards bandits. Where affinity to solocollours give a buff, affinity s to duocolours need a requirement (to have a duo color t2 unit of the affinity in deck) to can be played. So it's a fire card if u play it u get a fire orb, but if u not have a t2 banditcard in your deck u can't play it.
  7. Karl Lavafeld

    new T1 units for the "mixed" fractions

    Fire Btw I know this will most likely never happen just theoretical.
  8. Karl Lavafeld

    new T1 units for the "mixed" fractions

    Just to make clear. My suggestion not need 2 monuments at once. You just play a "normal" monocolored t1 unit with a requirement. (have a t2 bandit card in your deck) I see the problem is the units must be at least the same viable as the normal t1 metacards or you woud not play them at all. If they stronger they will completely substitute the normal t1 cards. To Balance would be too hard.
  9. Karl Lavafeld

    new T1 units for the "mixed" fractions

    It would be for example a fire unit that requires a t2 bandit card in your deck as a requirement to be played. You could play it together with normal t1 fire cards. Everything just theory. This would be hard to balance and would have high impact on the meta. Kind Regards
  10. Karl Lavafeld

    new T1 units for the "mixed" fractions

    In fact i don't like this too. No matter what fraction u play t1 u play pure. Let's theory this. The only way I can imagine to realize this is that there is some kind of check, for you have at least one t2 bandit unit in your deck, then it will allow you to play a bandit t1 unit. The check could either be in deckbuilding., not allowing you to put the card in your deck or in game not allowing you to play that card. This would be a complete new mechanic to the game and I guess hard to impossible to realize. No need to say this is no priority. Kind Regards
  11. Wb I remember you . ^^ Balancing ignored it sounds like fresh idea and u put some effort.But it's gonna be a long road before think of new cards are added to the game. Anyway the forum can need any kind of activity Imo. Kind Regards
  12. Karl Lavafeld

    Current Proposal: Rewards

    U would beat me too if I have 120 deck and u play only icebarriers. 🤣
  13. Karl Lavafeld

    Current Proposal: Rewards

    I feel I got real close with my % numbers for its pure guess. But Thx for tell me the exact numbers it's interesting. 50 players I meant all those who are in a pvp game and those who are searching for a pvp game at the same time. But the conclusion is the same. I hope there will come lots of new players though. Maybe if some event got streamed it will draw attention. Could u take some of the patreon money to make a Tournament with real price money after release? Anyway interesting how much attention to Bf reborn will EA tolerate. I think if reborn has 20000 players it's no problem. But should it become viral and become verry popular Ea will be "interested" . I plan to polish up my old maps little bit up. Make them little bit more nice and add some comfort things. So I can after servers are stable suggest them for you to consider make them official. Some are really solid allready. Kind Regards
  14. Karl Lavafeld

    Quest & Achievement Suggestions Megathread

    I want make a general important note. Not make quests like. "finish a mission" Cause then map like Soultree what is short is more efficient then others. Omg I played Soultree allready too often. Quests should be possible to finish on as manny maps and communitymaps as possible. F. E. "Play card" x" 30 times" "make 100000 damage with spells" Kind Regards
  15. Karl Lavafeld

    Current Proposal: Rewards

    Since I have no access to the game atm an I m bored, I say my opinion on this. Plus some future thoughts. There are different type of players, as stated before in another post. Collectors will stop play after they collected all there is to collect. (All cards and maybe play through campaign). It may be after 3 month or 1 year. Most of the old players back in the days were collectors. I guess 80 %. Now is the reborn project I guess 90 % of who plays now is hardcore Bf Fan and a veteran from back in the days. So atm collectors maybe only 10 %. Pvp players will play as long as it is interesting to play Pvp. I see some problems. The entrence for new Pvp players is high cause the game needs to aquire a lot new players to make Pvp sustainable. There are atm maybe I guess 50 Pvp players playing online at one time and 30 of them are high elo. So if u matchmake for a game. U maybe u get 1 or 2 easy enemy's and then one of the endboss rank top 10 players. Even back in the day this was a problem. Now with much less active Pvp players its worse I guess. I don't know how interesting it is for the top 100 Pvp players to play vs each other over and over again.(top100 Pvp players I summon you ^^) I guess less a problem then for me a noob Pvp. If I play 5 x and loose vs the same top 10 player I have enough. I want play and improove vs similar elo players. This is not a problem of matchmaking but of the less number of players. Fact is real Pvp playing starts if everybody has a charged deck. At some point speedrunners will need new Maps to speedrun (that are in the ingame leaderbord) . Or speedrun only rpve. And guess what... Communitymapsplayers until now 1% of the players cause atm no loot. But if they got loot as planed in future the number will rise. IMHO the future of Bf cause its possibly unlimmited content. I allready back in the days got so bored by the official content that I started make my own maps. What would have been warcraft 3 without custom maps. I still have it on my pc. I just say towerdefence and Dota. Bf has a Powerfull Editor too. After all important things is done devs should focus on make something to make creating communitymaps more accseseble. Like make some scripting tutorials. So my opinion. Give me all cards make them all u3 and I will continue where I left of. Create and play new maps. BTW create a map and beta test is fun too. But ofc I respect the desition of the devs to reset the game.I was warned so I can't complain now. The achievementsytem also now is not installed and manny allready have all cards. So I not want your work on that to be for nothing. => Pls just make achievements creative so I not have to play Soultree cause it's the fastest map. (not "finish one mission" ) More like achievements u can solve on every map and even communitymaps same efficient. (This is super important) F. E. (not know if these are realizeble) "play 30 shamans" "make 10000 damage with spells" Kind Regards

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