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Suggestions, ideas for EndGame (mostly PvP)

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Hi everyone, 
So Far everyones happy, all though the game needs a lot more work. It did back when EA had the hold of it, and now even more so. 
For starters, the quests:
They are great in beta, i saw a lot of quests ideas in other threads. So I'm not going to expand on it. Though old Bf was fun because of the rarity in new cards, now we can easily get the packs and bf points from quests. its to easy to get new cards. (For beta testing its fine, though endgame should be different) 
Personally i suggest less Bf points per quests rewards, or the card prices should be higher in the auction. The market is still setting and it will change a lot. Its mostly player contribution.

The End game in old BF was terrible, those 12 player maps are boring...
The whole Pve gold grind maps are too. This needs to change, sadly i can't give you any ideas about PvE, but Pvp should shine in a card strategy game.

Player vs player is not as fun as it could get. It get's repetitive after some time in the current state. 
As an PvP player i have some ideas to improve the game. 
First of all:
1. Fog of war, maps where you can't see where exactly is the enemy. The games wouldint be so short, when you rush to kill each other with to monuments and basically doing so with 5 same cards.
There would be much different game then right now. More tactics more skill and map control.
Small and Medium units could not see behind the walls, Large units could see small radius behind it and flying units could have far vision range.
Ideally you can see the towers that are shooting you behind the walls and archers on the walls. 
Imagine destroying enemy wall with small and medium units and suddenly an enemy army appears behind the walls. 
Fog of was in player vs player game would improve everything

2. Bigger maps and more players in the game. 
Lets take some ideas from the other games that has similar strategy mechanics. Warcraft is amazing to this day. You can have up to 8 or in some cases 16 players that battle each other in the game. 
not just 1v1, 2v2 and 4v4. players need variety. Simple.

3. More mechanics
Simple ideas to improve classes and class kits especially  in pvp or some random ideas
a) Implement stealth units (could be fun)
b) Some terrain that large units can crush trough
c) Add AI bases in Pvp maps, you have to defend against the Ai attacks, if you clear their base you can get some power wells, monuments or free some mercenaries to add to your army. 
d) maybe some power stealing monsters that drain enemy wells. 
e) Power fonts that grant you power instantly when you capture it.

This thread is not complete yet i will add more and more ideas to it, i do hope this helps. I really want to help you improving the game. still lots of work ahead. Community chips in as much as we can ^^

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Fog of war adds a lot of different mechanics. 
Yes, with no fog of was its different, its stands out, all though in my opinion fog of war would add a lot of new strategies and game play experiences,
Longer and more complex games.
i for one think it would be a fine addition to the game for PvP players 

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battleforge plays very differently from your average RTS. adding fog of war would make it very chaotic as armies can be spawned out of nowhere and scouting would have very limited effect. imagine playing any standard rts where both players are unable to scout. that doesn't play very well, does it?

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