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Pure fire deck

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Hey man,

There is not 1 way to build a pure fire deck, so here are some ideas of cards to use.

Everything depends on the Map you'd like to play for PvE. rPvE you play slightly different.

T1 - Units:
- Sunderer
- Firesworn
- Sunstriders
- Nomade (Green)

T1 - Spells:
- Mine
- Eruption

T1 - Buildings
- Banner of Glory
- Mortar Tower
- Makeshift Tower
- Blaster Canon
- Maybe Firebomb

T2 - Units:
- Firedancer / Fire Stalker
- Gladiatrix
- Scythe Fiends
- Skyfire Drake
- Moon (for heals, if you use her correctly)

T2 - Spells:
- Disenchant
- Global Warming
- Lava Field
- Wild Fire
- Maybe Ravage

T2 - Buildings:
- Pyromaniac
- Termite Hill
- Rocket Tower

T3 - Units:
- Juggernaut (thats all you need)
- Spitfire

T3 - Spells:
- Unity
- Inferno
- Aura of Pain

T3 - Buildings:
- Shrine of War
- Tower of Flames
- Voodoo Shack

T4 - Units:
- Batariel
- Moloch
- Thunder Wagon
- Fire Dragon
- Magma Fiend
- Fire Worm

T4 - Spells:
- Cluster Explosion
- Fire Sphere
- Earth Shaker

T4 - Buildings:
- Comet Catcher

Choose some of them and use what works best for you!

If you have any more questions, feel free to ask.

Cheers, DNY

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Hello guys,

I really wanna build a pure fire deck for pve too, but how ? I mean you have no heal and no sustain i guess this won´t work in the end game right ? So is running a pure fire pve deck in rpve 7+ even possible ? :)  


Greetings ToonHawk ( In Game Orkkoenig )

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rPvE 9 is doable without any issues with mabye the exception of some Lost Souls maps.
I'd probably run something like this:
Moon (for t4)
Disenchant (nature affinity)
Shrine of War
Unity (frost affinity)
Unity (nature affinity)
Cluster Explosion (fire affinity)
Cluster Explosion (Shadow Affinity)
Fire Sphere

It is important to know the timing of when toi send Moon into a base to start healing, she is to be kept a little bit behind your units as she otherwise takes up a valuable spot of Unity and does pretty fast if you dont include her in Unity and keep her in the middle of the fight. As her healing relies on corpses on the ground you don't want to wait to long to send her though either. Timing is key here.
That brings you to the most important weakness of this deck which is that you do not have any reliably heals (i dont really count Unity) mid fight. Even if you send Moon in for a heal midfight she will probably gert knockbacked by something. It is a fine line but definetly doable for lvl 9's. Would not recommend doing it on 10's though as pure fire has a very unreliable t2 as well and can struggle a lot against Lost Souls and Stonekin t3's in particular.

@DerNewYork played more pure fire than me though and has some additional thoughts on this topic specifically?

Edited by Treim

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Yeah, healing is key for this deck and you need to have some good micro. I would also use Moon to heal, but in combination with Rallying Banner. So you can spawn a Rallying Banner and instantly spawn Moon and use her ability in mid fights or mid/late fights. Or you can use Incredible Mo's 3rd ability, that allowes you to use ability right after spawning a unit. Disadvantage here is that Moon would spawn half life and dies faster then with Rallying Banner.

So the heal process would be like: Run into a base -> kill 50-75% of the units / buildings -> spawn Rallying Banner near your units -> spawn Moon -> insta activate her ability -> group your units next to Moon (quick) -> let the heal do heal stuff -> kill the remaining stuff -> kill Moon immediately so she can recharge for next base -> maybe spawn new units next to Ralling Banner -> kill Ralling Banner for void power

You need to do this while you spawn some spells, keep Shrine Of War active and try not to die. So as I said above, some good micro is required.

I would build pure fire deck like this:
T1: Firesworn (Red), Sunstriders, Mine
(units are changebale, i use Firesworn for LS (L - Units at T2 and T3) and no Eruption cause you have Sunstrider and Gladiatrix at T2)

T2: Firedancer (Promo ofc ;)), Gladi (Green), Moon, Lavafield, Wild Fire, Disenchant, Global Warming, Rallying Banner
(Huuuuuuge T2 imo but all needed. Only optional card is Firedancer here. Global Warming very usefull for LS and Bandits, it prevents new shields and shreddes shields.)

T3: Jugger (Promo ofc ;)), Shrine of War, Inferno, Unity (Green)

T4: Batariel (Red), Thunderwagon (Red), Moloch, Earthshaker, Cluster Explosion (Red)
(One ranged unit for Nyxia)



With this deck, I think 9 rPvE is fine to do. Didnt tested it myself since BF is out again.

Cheers, DNY

Edited by DerNewYork

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Hello Guys,

thanks alot for your replies ! I´ll try out this stuff ... and i would say: Let´s Fire ! :D But there is one question for me again, what do you mean with "Nyxia" ? I´ve never heard that :D


Edited by ToonHawk

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