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  1. ToonHawk

    Enhancement of Cards

    Hello guys, My question is, is it possible to cheat the lvl requirements for enhancing cards by dropping the enhancement cards from szenario ? For example: Enhancing Grim Bahir at lvl 7 by farming the map empire until you drop the enhancement.
  2. ToonHawk

    Pure fire deck

    Ah yes thx forgot this
  3. ToonHawk

    Pure fire deck

    Hello Guys, thanks alot for your replies ! I´ll try out this stuff ... and i would say: Let´s Fire ! But there is one question for me again, what do you mean with "Nyxia" ? I´ve never heard that
  4. ToonHawk

    Pure fire deck

    Hello guys, I really wanna build a pure fire deck for pve too, but how ? I mean you have no heal and no sustain i guess this won´t work in the end game right ? So is running a pure fire pve deck in rpve 7+ even possible ? Greetings ToonHawk ( In Game Orkkoenig )
  5. ToonHawk

    Batariel/Fire Deck PVE

    Hey ImaginaryNumb3r, Thank you too, for your reply ! I´ll see which deck im gonna make, cause there are so many cool things out there. Greetings ToonHawk
  6. ToonHawk

    Batariel/Fire Deck PVE

    Hello Kilian Dermoth, Thank you very much for your reply, this will help me alot!
  7. Hello Skylords, I really wanna build and play a firedeck for PVE 7+ with heal and sustain, is that possible ? I would like to run Batariel and maybe Thunder Wagon. I´ll start with t1 fire, but what can i run for t2 and t3 ? If you could help me, i would be really happy Greetings Orkkoenig

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