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3 - Booster opening error


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just unlocked a pack worth 450 bfp after selling some cards and i have lost the pack and it took my bfps it came up with a error not long after i tried to open it and it said (Error pack cant be opened at this time) i tried to re-log back in a few times and it still had not given me my pack or my bfps back. so i decided to look and see if it had given me my cards all ready but it had not so i tried a few more times to re-log back in and still nothing     

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NAME: Booster opening error
LOCATION: Just after clicking the open button
DESCRIPTION: This morning I bought a booster, wanted to open it but when I clicked the button, I got an error (don't remember the error msg, did not took screenshot atm :/)
I don't know if it is related to the actual server issues.
ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONS: I copied the log.txt file, try to relog, but it really disappeared and I have no new card. The attached file is the backup of the log.txt. My routine was:
1°) Open ingame mails (claim BFP due to sell orders)
2°) Open marketplace and buy a booster
3°) Open the booster, got the error message
4°) Chat a bit and disconnect
5°) Backup log.txt file
6°) Relog

Ingame name : Kikispas

log - Copie.txt

Edited by kikispas
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  • NAME: Got an error message "failed to open your booster
  • LOCATION: Inventory
  • REPRODUCIBILITY: I bought 2 boosters, and when I tried to open them, I got that message with both boosters.
  • DESCRIPTION: When I clicked on "open booster", there came a popup, with the message "failed to open your booster". In the chatbox came the same message. Then my booster disappeared and my bfp are also gone. I tried to relog, but the boosters were still gone and I don't think that there are new cards in my inventory.
  • ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: The popup looked just like when you get the "lost connection to server" message. When I clicked ok, the boosters were gone.
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NAME: Booster receival error
LOCATION: Inventory
REPRODUCIBILITY: Never had the same bug again or before
DESCRIPTION: After clicking the collect all button in the mail of the daily reward, the booster didn't go to my booster inventory thus I never got it.. (I completed a daily challenge for it)
ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONS: I never got any warning or anything.. The booster simply didn't make it to my inventory.

Ingame name : Spiderwulf

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