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  1. @everyone Some people managed to login and fill the slots, but we're aware about some possible login issues and we're looking into it. they just share this on discord me too cant login
  2. can we guys open boosters now or still buggy
  3. i got same guys i opened booster and just got erroor name in game :swadallel
  4. hi i just opened booster before like 30 mins and just got error and didnt get anything the booster gone and didnt get cards wth is that ! can anyone explain or help or anything
  5. swadallael


    cant play just getting lag now if pve solo lag and if pve 4 waiting players and someone crash or something
  6. can i ask something why with all these problems and still no update yet i know its beta but already cant start a single match and everytime just dc even if you are chating you will get dc so why still no update yet
  7. ok but we just login and chating cant start or create game on any mode
  8. when create a match just freeze and dc cant play anything lol
  9. i just get mad one hour trying to connect and when i connect just freeze and cant finish my quest really like 5 hours and cant get 2 matches
  10. i tried for like one hour and still cant login lol wtf is this
  11. ok i'm waiting maybe i will have a chance to play
  12. i cant login always telling me too many users on server i wait like 15 mins and still same is that just happend with me or what
  13. i would like to join every tournament 1v1 and 2v2 and pve im a pro in pve but they said no old account so i lost all my cards i had everycards in a game with III
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