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Freezing after Leaving a (PVP) Group


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  • NAME: Freezing after Leaving a (PVP) Group
  • LOCATION: in the "pvp area", where you choose Maps etc.
  • DESCRIPTION: A few times now i left a group after a pvp sparring and it always hung up. Not immediately while leaving the group, but during the next action. For example when I klicked on "back" to get back to the sparring ground or whatever. Always the next action connected to possible matches (not trading area) hung the game up.
  • SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: I dont have one.

Hope this helps :)

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i get this bug very often so i want to ask about it

everytime i join an existing group/lobby and leave i get d/ced after going to world map or try to join another lobby is this problem known because i didnt see anyone mention it before but its the cause of most my d/c's

i hope someone can look into it and thanks

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  • NAME: Freeze after leaving a group
  • SEVERITY: definitely 1
  • LOCATION: leaving the group doesn't matter where you at
  • DESCRIPTION: after leaving a group you are not frozen yet but if you click any button (i tried every button,  mail button etc) even trying to type makes it freeze
  • SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: will upload when i am back in the game
  • ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: for now we just ask the leaders to kick us that way we can continue playing
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