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Fire vs Frost Tier 1 Rush counterplay


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Since most players have not many cards yet, many players do play Nomads PvP.

So, I know how to hold a Scavenger rush with Lightblade, Archer body block etc., but agianst Nomads it seems impossible to me to grap a "greedy" well.

Since these are M counters, Lightblade would be just dead in an instant. Ice Guardians won't help much either, so another choice would be Imperials, and try body blocking hard, but that is too expensive and firesworn messes you up. if you use the 30 energy to stand ground you are even slower to defend the 2 bases. So I suppose there is no way? What do you think?

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Frostbite, lightblade, and ice guardians should do the trick. Nomads are super weak as soon as there are less than 3.  MA and homesoil should also work, assuming you're not TOO greedy and you use frostbite.

Although it's pretty obvious when someone has nomads, so if you can't hold vs nomads, just don't take the greedy well. And if someone starts immediately rushing you with nomdads, just build a bunch of MA and ice barriers, and kill the nomads before taking a well.

IMO though, between all the defensive resources at frost's disposal in a normal deck, (glacier shell, frostbite, homesoil) you should probably even be fine taking greedy wells, as long as you can still have 2-3 MA squads ready. Not an expert though--never had the frost side against nomads.


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Ah you mean taunt one, bite another, run with blade and kill with guardians? Sounds like fun, and wristinjury haha, but might give it a try as soon I acuired the cards and have that situation again( Sadly, not very likely though).

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The swift spam against Frost is somewhat tricky if there is a respectable distance between the main base and your power well. If both players execute it correctly the Frost player will lose a power well but maintain relevant in the game. I recommend avoiding Lightblade at all. Additional well + Light Blade + Taunt = 195 Power. There is no way to win a combat fight with Master Archers anymore and too many Ice Guardians are also a problem, because they never catch up to the swift units that will simply run around your bases. Even if you kill the taunted Scavy, the other ones will run into your main base and destroy 2 power wells in the worst case scenario. Nomads simply destroy the Lightblade in 2 seconds, so that would be even worse. To be successful in this matchup your ressource distribution needs to be thoroughly considered. 

You need to make sure, that you have some Master Archers at your power well, while making sure, that you have still some power in your backpocket if your opponent decides to go for your main base. If your opponent tries to fight your Masterarchers, spawn more stuff and kite backwards. If he goes for the powerwell play an Ice Guardian and prepare your Glacier shell. Make sure to use it at the perfect timing (which occurs when the power well has around 700 hp left). Keep in mind that red Nomads do have insane damage (Green Nomad spam is easier to play against anyways). You will lose your powerwell without glacier shell. If your opponent goes all in at your powerwell, you should be able to hold your position. Most players will use their swift advantage though to bait out some units and head down to the main base. This is harder to defend and this is why I recommend to hold back 150-200 power as long as possible. This allows your to play one or two Iceguardians + Glacier Shell to buy some time up until your main army catches up. 

Even when you play it perfectly you may lose one powerwell, but this doesn't mean you end up beeing behind. Most of the time you will remain more units, so you can pick up the power well again without worrying about an incoming counter attack. If you manage to buy some time your additional powerwell will give you 50-70 power and in addition with the 20-30 additional permanent power loss through the dead nomads (your opponent will lose alot during the well focus and 10% of that power is gone aswell) you end up beeing almost even, which is worth it because you didn't lose mapcontrol, which is your main task with Frost on some tricky maps like Haladur for instance. On some maps (Yrmia for instance) the well distance is close enough to pick up a powerwell without having to worry about all that.  

If you still struggle against Nomad spam, you can try to pick up either Wintertide as a cheese card (the stomp effect can kill the entire Nomad army) or also use Glyph of Frost to buy more time for your units. But both cards can be seen as a double edged sword as a missuse will put you even further behind. 


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Radical touches upon a general principle above that I'd like to explicitly state: In T1 killing units is usually more beneficial than focusing down a well. This is true for a lot of reasons, (low total power pool, slow units, weak spells, etc.) but for these same reasons your goal in Tier 1 is often to create a snowball that can destroy all of your opponent's defenses and only then start destroying wells and monuments. Even with nomads you shouldn't be attempting burrower-oink style well destruction in Tier 1. You may end up with a slight permanent power advantage, but temporary power advantage matters more in Tier 1 and early Tier 2 and your opponent can easily punish your early over investment. 

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