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39 minutes ago, DominikS said:

@Diro I see what you mean. But what is the reason for 1k Threads for the same Problem? If he wouldve scrolled just a little, he would have seen 10 Threads for this. So how could he not see this? Because he does not care..

My only intent and purpose of why i wrote what i wrote, was to point out that, regardless what other peoples actions are, how we respond to them, is just as important.

A quick "Hey man, lots of other threads on this topic, im guessing its because its just a stress test, so theres bound to be some problems, just keep trying, or give it a bit of time then try again later!"

Its the "manners" to me personally that matter most, purely because i just went through a massive thread involved with the devs/mods and community that was based on this very subject "This community is falling apart"...

Well, lets try act a lil better, help those who stray off path a bit, or better yet, lets just let the mods do some work :P


But i get the frustration, it does become boring seeing repetitive threads, but it also doesnt hurt to just look passed them.

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