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  1. Is there a time expectancy "Obviously i understand money etc...." - as to when you will hopefully get an increase? Will it be during this actual stress test, or will the stress test close, go into recovery/bug fix mode, then the "beta" will have more slots in servers?
  2. Does anyone know which modes actually work solid yet? lol I see the /LFG chat getting spammed constantly for games, but if everyone has the DC bug, then who exactly is creating these games? Some guy in chat just says "Game modes work now" - i hit create, got kicked instantly, rekt! lol
  3. Just some more time to wait guys. Least we at least got a nostalgic taste of things.
  4. Join the club, most of us been at it for days now! lol When you get in, most people have resorted to just trade spam, as anything else, also causes dc. All part of the stress adventure my friend!
  5. Diro

    Crate Game

    My only intent and purpose of why i wrote what i wrote, was to point out that, regardless what other peoples actions are, how we respond to them, is just as important. A quick "Hey man, lots of other threads on this topic, im guessing its because its just a stress test, so theres bound to be some problems, just keep trying, or give it a bit of time then try again later!" Its the "manners" to me personally that matter most, purely because i just went through a massive thread involved with the devs/mods and community that was based on this very subject "This community is falling apart"... Well, lets try act a lil better, help those who stray off path a bit, or better yet, lets just let the mods do some work But i get the frustration, it does become boring seeing repetitive threads, but it also doesnt hurt to just look passed them.
  6. Look, another insulting and useless addition to a random topic.... Seriously man, you need to just relax and simmer down a bit stop talking to everyone like there fucking muppets, and beneath you. Some people might not "get it" like you do, but throwing insults constantly isnt exactly a positive outlook of "helping" someone.
  7. Diro

    Crate Game

    Another productive post i see....
  8. Very helpful post right there.
  9. You must be literally the only 1 then, cause i reckon 99% of the rest of us, are experiencing the "hanging" loading screens/log ins, disconnects, freezes during matchmaking/creating games, which is fine, and all part of the "Stress test" - but the fact the game has "Never" kicked you out, and you have played the pvp etc....is well.....yea.
  10. Bingo... Its defo something to do with the AV/FW. I used teamviewer to go into my friends computer, i completely disabled and deactivated any firewalls/anti virus, i then deleted the game folder/files, and started fresh. Redownloaded the game client/updater, redone everything, re run it, worked perfectly. Just reactivated all his firewalls and that again, still works fine. Now just trying to stay connected long enough to make a deck! Good luck guys!
  11. Hey guys, im actually trying to get this sorted for a friend, and im out of options. Ive done everything normally, files, ive run it, im in game myself, so i know the basics of getting it up and running. Ive done the EXACT same on his pc, everything works fine, even got the launcher to startup - done its updates etc....now When you press "start" on the launcher, nothing happens, literally nothing. No process in task manager, no lil icon to state/boot up is happening. Nothing/ Any idea? lol Ive tried updating all C++ red files, tried upgrading graphics, direct X, tried manually config settings for AA off, and even trying to boot in dx9 mode. Nothing is happening, when he presses Start, just nothingness lol.... Cant figure it out at all. Thank you.
  12. Diro


    good question
  13. This game is absolutely nothing to do with the errors on your comp lol. This game and its files contain absolutely nothing harmful in order to create BSOD's or anything else as such. The problem is your pc, and its hardware. Try all the recommended steps from the guide page, if that dont work, consider reformatting.
  14. Cant even get to that stage yet lol.... Managed to create my Character name, now its constantly "Client disconnected from the server" almost every time right after log in. Will give it a few. Good luck guys!
  15. So... To delay? Or not delay? That is the question!
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