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the game is not working

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1 minute ago, BurningWorld said:

The servers are busy coz too many people trying to log in rn, and also this is one of the many reasons why the Open Beta was delayed several times while everyone cried about delaying the relaize, so deal with it

Uh, I think he can't physically start the game, not that he is having issues with servers.

Also, BurningWorld, I love you man but you need to calm down. A few of your last posts have been a bit much. I get that you are angry because, well, people aren't patient and you have been dealing with this sort of stuff for a while, but you are not making yourself look very good.

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2 hours ago, odaifgh11 said:

Hi everyone I tried everything and the game still not working no anti-virus and did everything you said I should do if the game not working and it's still not working I press play and nothing happened


The same thing happened to @ThunderHill. Had to set screenaasamples to 0 in the config.xml. 

Here is how to do this: Locate the config.xml file under in your Documents\BattleForge folder (Default location: C:\Users\<username>\Documents\Battleforge\) and open it with Notepad (or any other text editor) by right-clicking on the file and selecting Open With > Choose Default Program… from the local menu.
Once the file has opened, find the entry screenaasamples="4" and change the value to 0, like so: screenaasamples="0". Save and close config.xml, then start the game through the updater by double-clicking on SkylordsRebornUpdater.exe within the folder the client has been extracted to. 

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Hi, i have the same problem.. right after clicking "Play" on launcher.. i see my cursor "thinking" for a split second and after that,  nothing happens.. even with all the defense mechanisms shut down.

I have alreay done all the troubleshooting steps.. (writing here is actialy the 10th) do u have any idea of what may be happening?

Thx for your time,


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