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32-bit vs. 64-bit system requirements

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Hi technical guys,

since the "new" version is no longer running under 32-bit systems, some or at least those whichout a more recent hardware, cannot play the game any longer.

I have still the same hardware setup since I have played Battleforge last time, but why is it now no longer compatible?

I there any work-around or plan to make it 32-bit compatible again?




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Good to read about it, thanks for following up on this! I would love to read this item in the dev post on the open items list ;-)

I believe (and hope) this is a kind of low hanging fruit for fixing. Furthermore, this seems to be a simple way to get some (even not knowing how many) further people on board.

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17 minutes ago, Twinson said:

I have meanwhile tried to launch the game after full download (instead of updater only), but without success with a 32-bit system :-/

Would it help if I manipulate the 32-bit system in such a way?

"bcdedit /set IncreaseUserVa 3072 "

Not really. 32 bit systems have been outdated and deprecated for a really long time now and even the most low-end budget CPUs are 64 bit. There's no getting around it and you can't really "manipulate" anything.

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