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  1. Everything's up to date. Trust me, i've been using PCs since the 486 era.
  2. During the brief time i managed to spend ingame due to server issues, i had some really bizzare stutter occur every few seconds, coupled with the bottom half of the screen getting darker a lot randomly. Tried both lowest and highest settings, vsync and multicore rendering options - nothing solved the issue. I'm pretty sure my PC is more than capable enough - i5 6600k coupled with an RX 480 - i used to play the game with the first generation of Core 2 Duos, after all. Anyone having similar issues?
  3. Not really. 32 bit systems have been outdated and deprecated for a really long time now and even the most low-end budget CPUs are 64 bit. There's no getting around it and you can't really "manipulate" anything.
  4. [quote='CrazyRider' pid='7673' dateline='1437312320'] When do you guys think you'll hear anything vis a vis the source code from EA? [/quote] That might happen soon, everybody knows that EA is the most insufferable video game company ever and i'm sure they'll take some action, even if the IP has been dead for a while
  5. I'm Polish, but currently living in Northampton, England
  6. That's far from being possible at the moment. It hasn't even launched yet and you're already waiting for brand new content.
  7. Really glad to see the game once again. Played it from relase to pretty much a year before it closed down. Back then i used to top 2v2 ladders with a friend, i wonder if i'll manage the same this time :)
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