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2 Grammar.

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Yep... I am a french first language and I found a grammar error of english... So funny. 



Server : ANY!

NAME: Grammatical error.
LOCATION: On the card Forest's Vim
REPRODUCIBILITY: Any time you look the card XD.
DESCRIPTION: Simply the card description which has an error : The green affinity only has this written : ''(...) among the indivdual members.''
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: It might be a good idea to correct this before the release official of the game...

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I think it isn't indivdual but individual.

Oh... It is orthographic error XD. My bad Some into the discord said me grammar, so I guessed it was grammar XD.

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I think since this error is Clientsided, you could put the severity to 3. Also a typo isn't of severity 2 :P Just my opinion my dear canadian friend <3 

Edit: Just saw in the discord the error should be fixed, by Kiwi :) 

Edited by BurningWorld

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