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Hello Skylords,

One of the best things about cards games is the way you can combine cards and come up with cool decks. Yet, too often we turn to the most powerful combos, even when it's not necessary. On rPvE 9 you have much leeway to take a 2nd or even 3rd class deck, and still not be a burden on your teammates.

This series contains many deck suggestions which not only are working in difficulty 9, but also keep the game fresh and exciting by trying out new playstyles. So have a look at the playlist, and if you got a suggestion for a deck to cover here, just submit it to me - I will try it out and might make a video on it.

The following decks have been covered so far:


Here is the playlist with the playthroughs:


I hope you find one deck or another that gives you a refreshing outlook on rPvE 9, and see you in the Forge!

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With those videos posted too, I would call the series "done - for now". Thanks to those who suggested decks!

If you have any further deck ideas, just drop a DM.


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