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  1. That has always been the case (and the intended way to counter them). Lost Reaver has been fixed, so that he attacks you as he should, and iirc some Lost Wanderers were replaced with Crawlers. Maybe you just were lucky and pulled easy ones.
  2. Maybe Toggy can voice Warlock 🤔
  3. Metagross31

    pvp balancing

    Can you elaborate and give some examples? Maybe the PvP balancing team can take some of your feedback into consideration for further patches.
  4. I personally don't think that this is a good idea. Beating a 9 very fast does not neccesarrily mean that you can beat most 10s. Also, you need a good team in order to beat a 9 in sub 10min, which most players just don't have. And you can be qualified for 10s without having 3 speedrunner friends. This would gatekeep the vast majority out of ever trying the achievement.
  5. Swap Area Ice Shield for Winter Witch though. AIS doesn't scale well to T3/4.
  6. If we reset the leaderboard every patch (i.e. around every 3 months), why even have "alltime" records?
  7. I need to take a close look tomorrow, but I think it also didn't count for me 😕 I played a lot of nature units in King's Ridge expert but progress for nature cards daily only started when I played an rpve 9 afterwards.
  8. It is probably this way, because it would break PvP balance if it was the other way around. Maybe one of the PvP balancers can elaborate 🙂 Another alternative to Wrathblades would be to use Witchclaws or Dreadcharger.
  9. They are not entirely unregulated - The maps for the achievements have to be featured maps, which are checked by staff members and only after receiving the staff's seal of approval they get the featured status.
  10. You can maybe also post your suggestion in this thread, people have collected quite a bunch there already 🙂
  11. Iirc, the idea was to have the Bandit and Raven units be different archetypes. Maybe @WindHunter can elaborate (I think he is busy with patch preparations though).
  12. And Isle of Twilight. It works with 4 playets and is a kind of Last man standing map.
  13. Do you see them ingame but can't start them? If they are from a previous game version (i.e. from last patch), you cannot play them currently.
  14. Do you mean enemy factions or player factions?
  15. You should check your "config.json" file in you Documents=>Battleforge folder. In there you will find the currently selected resolution.
  16. You can try to look into the BattleForge folder in your documents directory. In there is a subdirectory called "map". Try finding the .pak file of the easter map in there and delete it, then restart the game and try again :)
  17. Oh nice, Omelie is the creator of Twisted Legends? I love that map! It recently crashed for mw sometimes, so I might message you about it at some point 😛
  18. I think so, yes, as this would also allow to modify the source to do things like check multiple replays at once and get statistics from them.
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