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  1. Thanks for notifying me, I have updated the info in Challonge to also show the correct time 🙂 Also, keep in mind, that the brackets will get shuffled right before the tournament starts, so your opponent in the first round might still change.
  2. Don't worry, Majora is not a moderator, but community manager. He isn't going anywhere soon 🙂 Watermelonlord will assits Dutchy&co. in keeping order around here 🙂
  3. That card is awesome! I play it regularly over Motivate in Emberstrike (with nature orb) or Rifle Cultist spam decks. In Deathray decks it shines most though, since it also can replace the need for Healing Gardens.
  4. I would recommend some type of void return, i.e. Shrine of Memory or Furnace of Flesh+Cultist Master. Or if you want to add a shadow orb, Shrine of War.
  5. Awesome! Volcano's Fire Sea ability being bugged explains, why it felt so week when I tried to use it in the past 😅. Fixing this and increasing the range helps this card a lot in becoming more fearsome. Removing Twilight Bombard's siege actually removes a very, very nieche usecase it had in PvP, where you could sneakily try to set it up where it can cliff you opponents base. This felt a bit toxic though, since it was basically game over, if you can't stop it in time. Only ever happened to me once though. What will the Soul Suction animations for Lost Converter and Waystation loo
  6. Sweet! It's always nice to see, how much stuff we are able to change and improve by now, especially compared too the old days, when nothing seemed possible 😄
  7. There are spectator versions of PvP maps, but they are only available in sparring, not in ranked.
  8. There have been dedicated Rookie tournaments in the past and there will be more of them in the future. This one is an open tournament with just one division. The double elimination format is meant to give you a second chance to compete if you get kicked out early. There is still the chance to get two strong opponents in a row (happened to me countless times in Toggy's tournaments already), but that's just how it is sometimes. I still encourage everyone to give it a shot and to also keep the eyes open for the next rookie tournament 🙂
  9. Mr. Kapo sir, I have a question. Can I also play Lifestream in this deck to make my Spore Launchers Indestructible?
  10. Iirc there was either a 3rd well added to the map or a bit more starting void. Can't remember which one it was.
  11. Hello fellow Skyladies and Skylords! It has been a very long time, but we are finally back with a new PvP tournament! Tournament Date On Saturday 29.10.22 starting at 14:00 p.m. CEST (Berlin time). The stream will start about 30 minutes in advance. Format The tournament will be played as a 1on1, Best of 3, double elimination tournament, meaning if you lose a set, you move to the lower bracket and can still make the finals! Grand finals will have a bracket reset, meaning the player coming from the lower bracket has to win two sets against the finalist to win the tour
  12. Join Ultralord when he reveals the winners of Battle of Tactics #2
  13. Ultralord will stream some replays of the second week of season 1 of the PvE league tonight!
  14. Join Ultralord on Twitch, where he will explain the rules of the next Battle of Tactics contest!
  15. Hey everyone! I have just sent out the rewards. If you did not receive your reward, please message me as soon as possible, so we can figure things out. Thanks again to everyone for playing and congratulations on all your achievements!
  16. Ultralord will stream some replays of the third week of season 1 of the PvE league tonight!
  17. until
    More infos will follow soon!
  18. until
    Ultralord will stream some replays of the first week of season 1 of the PvE league tonight! Join the stream via Twitch with the link below: https://www.twitch.tv/ultralord_t1421
  19. Maybe @LEBOVIN or @Emmaerzeh can tell you which of those are best/most up to date. 🙂
  20. For now this was a one-time thing, since the leaderboards have been reset last month. Maybe we will do something similar in the future though. Since there is a limit of how many boosters each player can get, and a lot of times were either unclaimed or achieved by the same players (e.g. Passage To Darkness), I think it should be fine to reward them.
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