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  1. I’m not sure this is a great idea. Upping the prices of boosters further encourages people to use the Market instead of boosters, which in turn leads to greater economy issues further down the line.
  2. One of the most critical elements of PvP is having people to play against. The removal of free PvP decks would nuke the population of ranked PvP players. Age of Empires Online learned this same lesson; its PvP scene was virtually non-existent until the introduction of Champion Mode, which removed the disparity between players who grinded out gear and those who hadn’t. This is one of those things that sounds logical to certain people, but it ignores the facts of human psychology. If I, or almost any other player, find ranked PvP frustrating because it is determined by deck level and not by skill, we’re not going to go out and grind for a PvP deck. We’re just going to not play PvP. If we aren’t playing PvP, queue times will increase, which will further lead to player loss for PvP as people who are less willing to spend their limited playtime in a queue quit PvP as well. If we aren’t playing PvP, eventually neither are you, because you run out of players. This isn’t about rewarding or not rewarding you for grinding out a deck. This is about ensuring you have players to play against with that deck you spent all that time grinding out. History has shown, every time, that allowing for benefits earned outside of the PvP match being played to impact the outcome of the PvP match, in any game, is unpopular and leads to decreased PvP participation. The majority of PvP gamers want PvP to reflect their skill, so even if you disagree with that, it behooves you to enable it, because it gives you people to play with. That’s why nearly every other MMO has moved to equalize stats in PvP and reduced the impact gear has on it. To paraphrase Metagross, “you think you want this, but you really, really do not”.
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