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  1. We are also working on a new content patch, which will bring more balance changes and two new cards into the game. We will share more information on this patch in the next community update, but we will reveal one of the new cards today! Next Community Update comes in a month, we should be able to have a release date for you then SoonTM The reforging changes are already live.
  2. As Cocofang mentioned already, the nerf to campaign-gold-farming was necessary, but also not intended to be the final solution. We actually have a gold-rework mostly worked out, but don't have developers available to implement it. While the gold-rework itself is not mentioned, take a look here to see some other stuff that are on the to-do list, bad sadly without people to actually do them: https://forum.skylords.eu/index.php?/topic/9152-community-update-25-july-2022/
  3. Adjustment to Reforging - 31 July 2022 Reforging Costs: The gold cost to Reforge into the following rarities was changed: Common = 125 gold --> 50 gold Uncommon = 300 gold --> 150 gold Rare = 750 gold --> 400 gold Ultra-rare = 1500 gold --> 800 gold Reforging Rates: We have made it easier to produce an Ultra-rare card when Reforging. For example, 4 identical Rare cards will now guarantee an Ultra-rare card. For more information, please refer to the Community Update.
  4. Hey there! Im no expert on rPvE, so I'll leave that for other players to comment on. If you love shadow nature, you might want to look into the new card Amii Palladin, and doing cool stuff with Aura of Corruption though
  5. We are aware of this bug, its not something you can fix yourself, and its not something that is actively being worked on at this moment. I assume you are aware we are all volunteers, and some of us only work on the project in the weekend. We try to reply to most questions. Saying it's ''not okay'' if you dont get a response within 4 days and reminding us of your issue every 4 days is not going to increase the speed we handle the bug, or the motivation to do so. And while the bug is annoying, its not gamebreaking or demanding of a fix in such a short amount of time. Thanks for your
  6. Its fairly recent, and from a community member
  7. Discord Moderator As a Discord Moderator, you are the direct representative of our team on Discord. Many things tie together in showing your professional side, ranging from how well you communicate with our players in public to consistency in your moderation actions. You need to be approachable for questions while maintaining a form of integrity. Furthermore, you are required to keep the discord clean of any spam, NSFW content and other rule-breaking practices. Responsibilities • Identifying issues in the Discord server and handle them accordingly. • Understanding the opinions
  8. Kettle actually made a nice overview of how the root network works: More info: https://skylords-reborn.fandom.com/wiki/Root_Network
  9. Greetings Skylords! A new month; a new Community Update! It's time to bring you up to speed with everything going on in Skylords Reborn! • Recent (and upcoming) Patch On the 16h of July we released a small Quality of Life patch, containing some bugfixes, and updating the Free PvP decks to adjust to the new meta. You can check out the patch-notes here. We are also working on a new content patch, which will bring more balance changes and two new cards into the game. We will share more information on this patch in the next community update, but we will reveal one of
  10. One of Nightguards affinities (the purple one) does not have Swift. Maybe you spawned that one?
  11. Yea they are really lackluster They are on our radar though: taken from the Balance Discord: "We have some changes planned for all 4 elemental crystals. Part of those changes will be allowing them to affect allies as well as units of their respective element. So Ice Crystal will work on all friendly Frost units as well as all friendly units with a Frost affinity." - Windhunter
  12. Then.. don't play? Replies like this honestly baffles me. You literally create a new account to complain about a game you don't want to play? Crushing the motivation of the team of volunteers who work their asses off to provide entertainment for others? Our content is arguably faster than during the end of EA times, and we don't get paid or have the source code. Constructive feedback is always welcome, but basicly saying ''everything you do is shit'' is not going to help anyone. I'm glad we had the survey, which gave insights in thousands of players, to see you are the rare exceptio
  13. You can also test verious update stages (if you own the card) by clicking on the card in the upgrade window and spawning it in the forge.
  14. Fair suggestions, and something that probably does not have a perfect solution. I'll share some thoughts, but keep in mind im not one of the game designers. Please rest assured a lot of thought went into the economy of Skylords Reborn, and it still comes up for healthy discussions as well. Which is also the reason I added the question to the survey in the first place . Since Skylords Reborn does not have any microtransactions, it does not use the good ol' free to play formula, where everything can either be grindy and free, or purchase-able if you dont have much time available. That re
  15. We are aware of issues users are experiencing on Windows 7 and are working on a fix.
  16. Patch #400034 This patch contains some Quality of Life changes, alongside updates to our free PvP decks. General Changes Added a new map script function SetUiVisibility. You can use it to hide the UI by typing SetUiVisibility { InterfaceState = false } and unhide it using SetUiVisibility { InterfaceState = true }. It works analogously to the CTRL + U hotkey. Newly recorded replays will now display a "Desync" warning, if the gameplay differs from what occurred in the actual match. Added a cooldown icon indicator for the wall gate toggle ability. Update
  17. Internal Tester As an Internal Tester, you will be testing and exploring in-game mechanics with additional information that is normally hidden from players. For this you will be playing the game in windowed mode, with a second window showing numbers, like how much actual damage a specific attack did, and other information. Your goal will be to explain these interactions to our (balance) developers and designers. Your contribution will allow us to fix bugs and create new designs. Responsibilities • Test in-game mechanic interactions, mostly for our balance developers a
  18. Hello, Please provide your question in English, since Google Translate doesn't translate it in such a way that we understand the issue.
  19. Glad to hear it! Please check out this page:
  20. Trivia: but Santa does so as well
  21. Greetings Skylords! This community update is a bit different to what you are used to. We would like to take a bit of time to communicate to you all, the player base, about the state of the project, and give you the opportunity to communicate to us as well. • Share your feedback, get two boosters! Last month, we released our latest patch: "Force of Nature". We hope you are all enjoying it, and are curious to hear how you feel about Skylords Reborn in general. It has already been a year since our feedback survey, so it is time for some reflection and feedba
  22. While I get where you are coming from, this is much more than a simple QoL improvement. Motivate is one of the strongest Tier 1 spells in the game, and players have been asking for a nerf quite frequently. Buffing the spell to include newly spawned units would absolutely push shadow over the top in PvP. Even outside of tier 1, there have been multiple times I have 1 or 2 nightcrawlers walking around, and have to make the choice if its worth it to buff the one already on the field, or should try to sneak another one in. If I could just motivate a crawler and then spawn new crawlers t
  23. Im also not sure what you are asking/suggesting here. Why would a party group up to bid on a card?
  24. The "bug" (also not sure if its a bug), is indeed pretty annoying, and something you learn to play around with, but always feel a bit clunky. I dont think they need a range increase, but it does feel off they cant shoot the same target they were already shooting at once you activated the ability. Curious what @RadicalX thinks about this. However, regarding the windup, Dark Elfs are already extremely powerfull, and I dont think they would need any buffs in this department.
  25. Skylords Reborn is a revival created by volunteers. We are not EA, nor do we have their user data. It is not possible for us to give refunds or give players back their original cards. Additionally, Skylords Reborn itself had an account reset when it moved from Beta to release 2020. Everyone had to start from scratch.
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