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  1. If I have a slight advantage, I would force this situation and you've now lost 2 wells and an orb and I win the game instantly. That's what I mean about being careful with tools. It's a problem if the enemy has no chance to recover no matter how well they play We can't give frost the same quality in t1 units as the rest. It sucks but Frost t1, is extremely unbalanced. It all stems from Frost mage and homesoil +50% dmg aoe Anything given to frost stacks with this combo.
  2. Personally, I think we should just buff Frost Sorc attack to suitable Medium size countering damage level and start from there, but let's examine your proposals. ---> initial proposal What? Like Wanderer? Warlock?They will waste so much time self buffing each other. Unlike Shamans and Timeshifters, they target each other at full health and are really mechanically really shitty as this wastes too much time. Try it ingame, 4 wanderers(keep out of melee for test) or 4 Warlocks and 4 archers, vs 4 squads. Now try 8 of the same Archer squads vs the sam
  3. That's not a bug. If Satanel didn't do that, no one would play it. It would be the next Necrowagon. The pop cap usage sealing on Satanels is Brutal. That's why they're so cheap, their strength of summoning over pop cap is also their greatest weakness as it's *required to get any value out of them. In pvp, AOE spam and knockback is so common, spamming t1 units does not help you much.
  4. Your card has an orb requirement of 1 orb. The card grants 1 orb color requirement of any type for the same tier. At T1, 1 Orb Play this Orb 1 req OP card u suggested You now have access to 2 types of color orb reqs. With 1 orb at the start. So Nature, Fire t1 instantly. Ewww, what is PVP then, play the Amii legendary auto win fastest to roflstomp the other player who can't play the legendary Amii now? And what is PVE then? Where would that not be OP? Even at t2-t3, this is beyond gamebreaking. 25 void power to change? 25 power lost permanently? Killing y
  5. That is even more overpowered than the current amii monu and Enlightenment combined. Look closer at what you just proposed.
  6. If you warp a medium sized unit that gets hit by something causing knock back, they spin. Silver winds are particularly funny to watch. Apparently some guy in Global did this by accident, I replicated it in forge, trying moon 1st, then using NetherWarp. Have fun spinning guys.
  7. The current Emberstrike 120 power Eruption 900 dmg per target- Cap of 2700 dmg on Summon. Has s/m knockback (This is Lavafield, Wildfire lvl dmg, except instantaneous.) Ability Cone hit air ground 1,300 dmg per target cap 3200dmg for 20 power, has s/m knockback (This is a T3 spell dmg lvl, for 20 power, yes.) Unit: Large, 3k attack, 2.6k hp..... no summoning Sickness. (With no additional cost) So basically a walking spell card. A t2 spell dmg spell instantly at summon, a walking 20 power t3 hit all spell in a no Summoning sickness monster that
  8. The thug change to unity ability is much much better than the building looter only ability from back then. Idk, why this popped up 1 year after I wrote it, but dang I was salty wasn't I? Edit blurb 7/3/ 22 ------------------------------------------ This is a balance change observation. I'm going to break down why I think the Thug Balance changes did not work. I am writing this down knowing nothing will revert, but as an exercise to explore why no one has been thrilled and it would have been better to do nothing in this case. P
  9. Why not just increase the dmg to frozen units to a very high % and give it a small chance to freeze? It's niche is killing frozen units, triple down on that design instead of making it meta.
  10. Why not a protect an objective a certain amount of time, and u need to attack and clear your orb bases? If we spread the bases out ( walls,? No walls?) and set where attack spawns, then have a final big t4 base that faces giant waves that end at a set time, could be fun. Kinda like some of the more fun campaign maps.
  11. Thank you Lebovin. That is good news to me. On defensive, having an XL sized dmg air camp option is still better than none. With dmg reduc like Shell, Ward of North, that blue orb t3 50% dmg reduc tower and healing, some maps it's useful because Ai will spam ground units through and die repeatedly. It's also 1 of only 2 air units that can siege range towers, inefficiently with ability but still a thing. Yes, it's a meme unit currently, but a meme is better than having no XL flying at 2 frost orb. I'm just saying the new battleship is also a meme if 4 frost orb
  12. I have really strong doubts new Battleship will be a smash hit card with these changes. In case anyone missed it, here are my thoughts. --------------------------------- Battleship orb change is now in restrictive 4 blue orbs. Without enlightenment, this essentially means Frost has a dead XL flying cardslot now only useable in pure frost. Like Dreadnaught, new battleship will likely see almost no usage except with Enlightenment. Frost as a whole just lost it's only XL flying creature card. And, there's more. ------------------------------------ The card slot efficiency
  13. Wait, so i could use offering to kill my allies creatures? Why?
  14. Oh god, oh man, Oh god, oh man, Oh god, oh man! Oh god, oh man!! Oh god, oh man!!!! Oh god, oh man Oh god, oh man Oh god, oh man Oh god, oh man Oh god, oh man Oh god, oh man. Only frost flying XL unit, and balance changes proposed is make it barely better but 4 blue orb so no one uses except enlightenment. Plz nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!! Sponsored by, we battleships, make them less slow or something with same orb requirements. Backed by 5 people who want to say "You sunk my Battleship"
  15. How about lvl 120 pvp decks stay and you guys stop telling us what's good for us. Seriously wtf.
  16. Cat's outta the bag now. I saw it too. It's for the testing and bug fixing.
  17. Corsair gives aura of +50% dmg to human You drop 4 banditos. For 100 or something? Bandito passive: +50% dmg per every 3 allied units nearby. 630 small dmg +315 +315 give or take (was it 630?)= 1260 per bandito easy Minimum. If the banditos weren't small squad units and thus get knocked flying per sneeze and also can't capture, dropping close to 5k+ dps worth of anti-small dmg from a flying unit would be gamebreaking.
  18. Ah, I see. That sounds really annoying. For such a niche thing. Now it makes sense Thank you guys!
  19. I put my login info, pass etc into updater and got: Game data check failed "You're using the wrong client version. Please update your client version to play the game. Your game will now be closed automatically. Is this.... supposed to happen right now? Was playing an hour ago or so, try to log in and get this.
  20. If you go in game, make a lobby with yourself, and any number of players, no matter how many. You click start, lobby still there instead of load screen and forge, then eventually you get disconnected when in multiple people lobby, or you're stuck in forge in Singleplayer lobby forever. I don't know if you need logs, the discord should be full of messages from players all saying the same thing. *edit: ty for fixing it.
  21. Okay, there's a guy I pvped with who runs Imperials with Ice shields and it very obviously stacks when you see it. The guys were like cockroach hard to kill which is hilarious, but.... My question is why does it work? I remember Radical X commenting and saying it doesn't, but having tested Stonekin Shell on a group of ice shielded guys, the dmg reduc seems to work? I'm confused. Does dmg reduc work with Ice shields or not? Minor issue since ice shield so rare and finnicky, but I'm curious. *edit: Okay, dmg reduc seems to work with ice shields in ge
  22. Yea, happens all the time. It doesn't really affect anything and it's random, but once in a while the repair symbol appears and now Kobold engineer is trying to repair a full hp tunnel or tower.
  23. I've gotten 3 Expert campaign quests already.... 2 single Player and one for 4 player Blight Expert, hardest map in the game. . . . Oh, and card grind quests, very funny guys. 1st, pve or campaign required. T4 cards have very low charges, i need 100-50 card charges to finish these. I can smash the average advance difficulty campaign pve map with 30 cards in 1 color. . . . Tedious. Take a good guess about how I actually clear this quest efficiently and you will probably see the flaw in card charge quests. That's right, think of all those poor dead sun striders I got the banzai
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