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  1. 1 hour ago, Daedalus said:

    6 Gladiatrix 82 Boosters

    Really not even that strange to me. I had relatively same with URs. If you get like a couple of them (the same) in just a few dozens of boosters you recognize that very fast. Funny if some super valueble card like Elder or Infect suddenly stack up, that are usually sold very quick.

    But that equals out the next 1000s of boosters.


    1 hour ago, Daedalus said:

    Grats on the promo swamp drake

    Thanks! ❤️

  2. 1 hour ago, Hrdina_Imperia said:

    Afaik, it's just purely random. So it might seem skewed sometimes. 

    That is why I asked for the sample size. For a rare card it would need to be really huge to make such assumtions. 

    And my near 12k have no such outliners yet. Yes sometimes you get the same rare 3 times in 5 boosters. But that usually levels out.

  3. 9 hours ago, Daedalus said:

    Hey community,

    I experience when opening boosters, that I pull a more-than-expected amount of gladiatrix ...

    Wish that would be stop. Am I wrong to suspect, that the Booster RNG is tied to numbers fixed to the account?
    If so, is there a way to fix that? reset it once a month or something?

    How big is your simple size?

  4. 25 minutes ago, Bidchono said:

    hello, when I clone a free PVP deck it tells me that there is a problem and that it cannot give me the cards that I do not have in my inventory and the cards that it can clone are not not improved. So the deck is of no use to me because it is unusable. Is there something I'm not doing well?

    do we need to have all the cards now?

    Capture d'écran 2023-11-23 121350.png

    You can pick up to 2 decks. Don't try to clone it, but select it as free deck. 

    If you want to modify it, you can do that after picking and selecting the deck

  5. 3 hours ago, Fundus said:

    because im 99% sure that something is wrong with Lost Souls maps

    As before, I can only agree that you are absolutely right. I have now seen enough LS maps to be able to say quite clearly that more has changed than should probably be changed.


    3 hours ago, Fundus said:

    3 Spellbreakers 2 Manabeasts and 2 Lost Wanderers on the inner positions

    That was never related to inner or outer position. Not that I would know, but I'm quite sure the game does not care too much about that?

    Tho I disagree that it is "much easier" overall. I've seen some quite nasty T2s still and it has never been set that you had a 2 Manabeast start, what you describe was just the "worst/best (whatever) scenario".

    One thing that I can say for sure for now is the following: Before the mentioned patch it was set that whenever Manabeasts spawned, they were accompanied by 2 or 3 Spellbreakers, always. That also had the problem that it was either super easy, or super hard. This flattened nicely these days from my feeling.
    Nowadays both spawn Independently and rarely (or even, "not") together anymore. Together with the super ugly exploding crawlers I would not even say that the difficulty was lowered thaaaat much, but rather overall flatened. While the easiest possible spawn is now harder, the super hard 2 Beast/3 Dancers/2 Shielders also can't happen anymore and the most difficult T2 campy are quite a bit easier.

    But I personally feel that the change is even good. Though I liked to challenge myself with that start, even more when happening on outside position where you had 5 Spellbeakers sometimes, I feel the start was too much out of line with other 9s. LS is still one of the harder starts with Nature and for that I personally feel fine with the status quo.

    The rest is up to design.

  6. Hey all,

    you want to beat the map with a low-, no-budget deck? Lost Souls is perhapy usually not "your" color?

    Fear not - come and see how you can participate easily with almost no budget here:

    You don't need to see the full stream for an insight, I begin with the rpve contest.
    The played deck is:


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  7. 1 hour ago, Jodekoek said:

    Hi guys,

    So I was wondering if the community is interested in a non-trade mode to play the game. 

    I have a 'finished' account (Dwightschrude) where I have all the cards and gold that I want and more, much more. I don't want to throw away my account

    At the same time, the biggest joy by far, for me at least, is to play the game from scratch and collect cards and build decks to do the achievements. For example, doing Sunbridge on expert is so much more fun when you have to make due with a few shitty cards you opened from your first bunch of boosters and build a creative deck with it, because it is all you have. For me, at least. 

    So I was thinking, there is this game called Runescape, where there is an Ironman mode. This mode makes the player not being able to trade and so they have to collect everything on their own. Its an extra challenging mode and it makes the player feel he has to rely more on his own resources and creativity.

    What I also like about this mode is that we can have a cake and eat it too, because then a player could keep his or her main account and have a second non-trade account to experience a new challenge and enjoy the best part of the game again. Since the second account cannot trade, it should not become something people would 'exploit', I think?

    So yeah, idk, it was just an idea, I don't know the first thing about coding or whether people would be interested




    Yeah would love to see the "character" feature reindroduced and comming with an Ironman/SSF whatever modus

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  8. 5 hours ago, TheOGstriker said:

    iv got 2 out of the 10 maps done please done get rid of it... i like how hard it is im gold 4 and im sorry but some of the players just  arnt as good yet, dont get mad they join, teach them to play. the challenge is fun...


    If you want to learn 10s, just for the challenge, feel free to hit me up anytime. Here, on Discord (sirvolin), or ingame.

    But believe me we had a much healthier 10s scene before this achievement hit.

  9. 34 minutes ago, LichterLoh said:

    Hey guys,


    i also find myself struggelign as Pure nature vs pure Fire once Fire goes T2.

    Zappys suggested to build " SoM" . But i couldnt find such card on my own. What does he refer to?


    Thanks and best regards



    Shrine of Memories, but the info is outdated as SoM has 3 Orbs these days (used to be T2)

  10. 46 minutes ago, Noisome said:

    Anyone able to help please? I've tried reinstalls

    Yeah don't use OneDrive for BF. I can see from the first msg that your documents folder is in onedrive and this will cause the problems

  11. 1 hour ago, Kapo said:

    @Majora suggested that we play tome! For those who don't know, tome play is where you draw a number of boosters, and you are just allowed to use those cards. We drew two pools of 8 boosters each and determined randomly who will use what pool. Hopefully that will spice up the gameplay a bit. Down below, you will find our pools.

    Majoras Pool:


    Kapos pool:



    What a lovely idea!

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  12. 48 minutes ago, vankata said:

    I have another suggestion. Look up World of Tanks. In their youtube channel alot of the mechanics of the game are well presented and explained. Maybe you could do something similar. It would be helpful for new players to have an official video guide, which is short, summarised and easy to digest. 

    That sounds indeed cool! As the team has an video editor since a short time your wish may come true one day.

    Until then? Community has created a ton of informational streams, videos and stuff. If you are looking for a certain topic where you would like to have more information about, just let us know, perhaps we can give you a few links

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  13. 13 hours ago, superkamimarvin said:

    for some reason if you filter on Blue only ... it also shows bandit cards even if you filter to not show those? 
    also the filter for 2 colors does not work, i can filter on stonekin and it will show mono green and mono blue as well 

    P.S. not sure if this is where im suppose to report that but this is where it took me after pushing the report button

    And worse, it is not updated and does not contain all cards 🙂

    Check smj.cards or the wiki for a full card overview

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