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  1. The event has come to an end - what an overwhelming feedback and participation! Thanks all ❀️ The prizes have been sent out (except 2 Skylords with a full mailbox) - please contact me if you feel something went wrong! The event stream can be found here: The complete results are: The random draw was:
  2. @Thingol@whichwai I reinstalled SR last week after a long time. Yes, it is still an issue that Windows needs to be manually allowed to download and install this software as it may content harmful content. In very amateurish terms, it is something like this: Windows and most anti-virus rather look if the software is listed then really checking it for a virus. As SR is a community software it is not listed among anti-virus detection companys and therefore often flagged as "harmful" I'm sure an IT guy can explain better. But this is roughly how it works afaik. During my
  3. Hello Skylords, the rpve event "Stonekin Hunt" has come to an end and I want to thank you for the overwhelming participation πŸ₯³ In total we received 47 submissions, 41 of them valid. One team played the wrong map and 5 did not open the chests - you really want me to repeat this once again, don't you? From that 47 replays were 2 played as trio 2 played as duo 4 played solo! Yes, solo! I have a replay for each color - sadly only one of them is valid. Overall 107 (!) unique people participated in the event - that is amazing! Thanks to multi-parti
  4. I cannot understand this drama every time you personally do not like a change. Yes, I don't like all the changes either, but it would be sheer insanity not to note that the changes in general are simply obvious improvements and are met with great goodwill. After all, the annual surveys show this very good. But let's stick to very specific examples: I have always been one of those who thought the old Batariel deck was good the way it was. I always saw the inventory as the Fundus described above. I have been vocal about this. Was this opinion ignored? Not at all. Yes, Bata was eventu
  5. Totally viable, it is again a good deck for sure. And again good enough for very speedy runs
  6. But if the description is accurate, it sounds not as intended.
  7. This leaves me confused
  8. Halftime! As it was announced I want to give you an intermediate ranking - here we are! Big thanks at all that send me replays, over 90% sticked to the given name scheme what helps a ton! In addition I want to add a bounty to spice things up a bit: I add 5 Boosters per person, out of my own pocket, if anybody beats the fastest time of "Battlefield at Noon" (Arabika, BlueBerryBoy, Damo, Hirooo, Nya...Ny...Nicken and Radical)
  9. It was hosted by the official SR Twitch, but sadly it was not highlighted and is lost 😞
  10. Is there a limit in length, or is possible to combine a certain searching option like copies>1 or copies>4 with 100-300 card id's if someone would make himself the work? Was answered in the discord, 3000 character filters in the config are doable!
  11. added 5x 500 BFP to the random draw! Thanks @Bengel
  12. Due to popular request I will make a half time ranking as we had the last time (anonymous as last time). I would appreciate if you all share your times with me. Last event this lead to a nice race for the top1-3 and was great fun for both teams as far as I know
  13. Seeing this brings back good memories! There were a lot of good memes last time. Then I'll expand the prize pool again: Every contest-related meme sent to me that we show in the stream gets a booster out of my pocket. Jury, me!
  14. This revive is a community project and has no association with EA. But the economy was revamped in a way that you can build up some nice decks in no time via daily quests and achievements
  15. I still think a small increase to the timer would already open up 10s for more decks (reliably). I personally don't think LS air maps are the biggest problem. On the one hand it is a rare thing to happen and still the motm that were like this were some of the most enjoying motms ever. Plus it comes to addition that even the best groups I played in usually decided to skip those if they occur randomly or if we tried them we failed hard every single time. I think a possible solution for more diversity could be a slightly increased timer and/or little more starting energy to reduce waiti
  16. Fire enemy can also be beaten by any faction in that skill level we are speaking about. Fire is in between the other factions usually in both T2 and T3. And even for the late game high fire power bases of fire any faction has a tool. (with very minor exceptions, looking at you with my Frost Deck, Mr Fiend of Fire) And fun fact: Fire rpve even trys to counter a bit our strong fire start (meta) with many ugly M Counters. Sometimes against Fire you are even better with a non fire start yourself. But here too everything is doable. Agree in everything in general, just emphasize the high s
  17. I can of course speak only for myself on this issue, but: Not at all! Of course there can occur very easy 10s where the common meta starts and decks are a bit over the top, but this is more rare then maps that can even challenge a good team. And as a 10 team is (should be) a bunch of very good players you can still run for a good time on that easier maps - just for fun. Just a few days ago I had a set where I played with a good pal that is an really good 10 player, we both played Fire into Shadow starts - and we rolled some maps where we lost 3 or 4 games in a row to the timer. Could
  18. Welcome mate! If you are looking for more community probably check out the discord server as it is usually very active
  19. You are a responsible man, or? You would not dare to play with our hearts...or? πŸ™ On topic: Great news as always!
  20. Hello Skyladies, Skylords and other Skybeings, Over a year has passed since our successful bandit hunt, but unfortunately we have to ask for your help once again. It seems that some of the unopened gold chests have been taken away by some Stonekin scum, it is of utmost importance to secure them as quickly as possible. So What is the Task? It is almost like the bandit hunt – it was simple, it was fun – let’s do that once again: play rPvE/Battlegrounds 4player, Map of the Month, difficulty 9 only pure color decks are allowed every player h
  21. See it exactly the same! Fire lets you work together over the 4 starting positions and no other color comes close to that. Yeah Shadow rewards with early RB, what is a HUGE advantage if executed correctly, but that is rather a speedrunners topic imo. Even more as it helps vastly to know the map to utilize the Shadow start perfectly. Also I share your inventory on Nature starts, yes they can be helpful in very certain situations, but here you also have a big advantage to know the map in advance (and utilize that as a team). Plus this comes with the downside that either the Nature star
  22. For sub 12 you can run buffed Batas, pure Fire or Bandit Decks with either 2/2 orbs or 3 shadow 1 fire, driven by BH and Emberstrikes. Even "classical" BH Decks should be very fine. Not sure about Banzais, they are super strong, but perhaps too slow, idk. If you want to do sub10 things get quite special. You need a team of very experienced players, good coordination and a suiting map. Then probably you want to have a certain mix of above or all going Bandit. 1-2 Players having Plauge may help, tons of spells, most early SoW and more. I share this perhaps, even if I perform SUUUU
  23. Very good 10 random groups just skip any LS with air-T2 immediately. This is so out of line in balancing, that you only play this as motm if you have a sane mind πŸ˜„ That's how I was taught it by the master, and that is how I see it myself these daysπŸ™‚
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