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  1. Did you try Bloodhealing before? You can use it on Undead Army, a Revenant, an anyway dying unit, or whatever - it is one of the strongest heal spells of the game. Winter Witch also can offer great sustain, if you can manage the micro.. LSS green was also slightly buffed, as it can vacuum up revenants, but going that way can be a challenging way to play. Very important if you want to play pure LS, is that you bring crowd controls like Frenetic or(!) Freezes. Pure LS decks should be absolutely viable for any content around. But it can be a challenging deck to play with a TON of micro management options.
  2. A replay file saves the whole deck, wether cards are played, or not. So yes, he is able to see the played deck with a few klicks only
  3. That is a bug that occures since last patch. Please be a bit more patient, that will probably fixed very soon
  4. Crazy, wonder when that was changed. It was like "you don't get anymore rewards" (to prevent afk farming (still easy enough to click once every 5min))
  5. It can already be abused easily (I did that while building up my collection a lot). On the same hand 5min allow for an most easy toilet or parcel-at-the-door break. Theres no need to rush either toilet or grabbing a drink, did both more then 100 times each. But.... you were kicked? Are you sure your internet connection wasn't the problem? Cause usually the game does not kick players, but rather only takes away the rewards for the match usually
  6. The day it gets a good in rpve 😛
  7. Really not even that strange to me. I had relatively same with URs. If you get like a couple of them (the same) in just a few dozens of boosters you recognize that very fast. Funny if some super valueble card like Elder or Infect suddenly stack up, that are usually sold very quick. But that equals out the next 1000s of boosters. Thanks! ❤️
  8. That is why I asked for the sample size. For a rare card it would need to be really huge to make such assumtions. And my near 12k have no such outliners yet. Yes sometimes you get the same rare 3 times in 5 boosters. But that usually levels out.
  9. How big is your simple size?
  10. You can pick up to 2 decks. Don't try to clone it, but select it as free deck. If you want to modify it, you can do that after picking and selecting the deck
  12. As before, I can only agree that you are absolutely right. I have now seen enough LS maps to be able to say quite clearly that more has changed than should probably be changed. That was never related to inner or outer position. Not that I would know, but I'm quite sure the game does not care too much about that? Tho I disagree that it is "much easier" overall. I've seen some quite nasty T2s still and it has never been set that you had a 2 Manabeast start, what you describe was just the "worst/best (whatever) scenario". One thing that I can say for sure for now is the following: Before the mentioned patch it was set that whenever Manabeasts spawned, they were accompanied by 2 or 3 Spellbreakers, always. That also had the problem that it was either super easy, or super hard. This flattened nicely these days from my feeling. Nowadays both spawn Independently and rarely (or even, "not") together anymore. Together with the super ugly exploding crawlers I would not even say that the difficulty was lowered thaaaat much, but rather overall flatened. While the easiest possible spawn is now harder, the super hard 2 Beast/3 Dancers/2 Shielders also can't happen anymore and the most difficult T2 campy are quite a bit easier. But I personally feel that the change is even good. Though I liked to challenge myself with that start, even more when happening on outside position where you had 5 Spellbeakers sometimes, I feel the start was too much out of line with other 9s. LS is still one of the harder starts with Nature and for that I personally feel fine with the status quo. The rest is up to design.
  13. I don't even see phoenix that often anymore, in fact I rather see them very rarely these days. Is it an actual problem we are speaking about, or a theoretical?
  14. Hey all, you want to beat the map with a low-, no-budget deck? Lost Souls is perhapy usually not "your" color? Fear not - come and see how you can participate easily with almost no budget here: You don't need to see the full stream for an insight, I begin with the rpve contest. The played deck is: MZFHTzMsPIZEN9MrYgSgEkFIXCWHYWYHWhXOMdUKK
  15. Yeah would love to see the "character" feature reindroduced and comming with an Ironman/SSF whatever modus
  16. If you want to learn 10s, just for the challenge, feel free to hit me up anytime. Here, on Discord (sirvolin), or ingame. But believe me we had a much healthier 10s scene before this achievement hit.
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