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  1. Your responses Kubik show no signs of formality or maturity. I personally don't care at all what your reasoning to leave was. You were signed to work as a developer on a certain project under someone's orders. The only thing you had to do is your own job. When you join a team, you have to cope with the rest of the members. You are not in a team to like/hate eachother but to simply do the job you were signed to do. 'you have no idea how many times I speak to someone and they did not know' - You are a developer. The main thing that should give you satisfaction is knowing that you have helped built something that many people will be excited/happy/thankful for. Yet why does it seem like fame is more important to you than the success of the project itself? Also, this is not the first time i see you in the comments making a really bad impression with the way you respond to people. You were the first and only person from the team to openly show how fast you can lose your temper while trying to respond to some questions asked by the community. And that was when you were still a new member of the team. Back then I thought that maybe things will change when you get more experience working in this kind of atmosphere. And here you are, the same as before with only one difference - back then you had just joined the team whilst now you had just left it.
  2. Well the opposite goes for me. I would much prefer to get all rewards in PvE than being forced to play PvP
  3. mani9977

    Important: Open Beta Status Announcement

    I am sorry devs but my hope is dead now as well as my hype. I think that giving any release dates was a big mistake in the first place. Everyday I come back home and hope for some good news related to the game. I wanted to play it now because in a few weeks I won't have any time to do so. From then on I won't have time to even sit on my PC probably. I really wanted to play and was hopeful but...guess it was not meant to be...

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