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  1. 2896 (This is still going? Didn't we start it 3 years ago?)
  2. Wish granted, but you miss them dearly. I wish to be alone.
  3. Wish granted, but your identity is stolen and you lose everything else. I wish Maxxxel and I weren't the last ones standing.
  4. Wish granted but you can only queue with me. I wish for a Promo Construct.
  5. Wish granted, but you can only speak Spanglish. I wish for Hide n Seek to be part of League of Legends' rotating game mode queue.
  6. Wish granted but your grammar is still bad. I wish for four.
  7. Wish granted, but you have to give away your computer. I wish for someone who understands my pain.
  8. 1948, we now have the Marshall Plan
  9. Why was my post count reset?

    Pl0x explain forum

    1. Ultrakool


      When was the last time you posted? There was a time when Off-Topic posts counted as Content Count, but that was very long ago, in the old forums' early days. I see a lot of your posts are in Off-Topic and that could be why. They simply were excluded from the post count. If your post count was in fact "reset" in the last few months, meaning you had 20 last month but 2 right now then it could be another new problem entirely.


    2. Ladadoos


      As far as I know, posts you had in off-topic don't get removed from your post count after the change/update. Off-topic posts don't increase your post count.

  10. The professional is back guys, I got this. Wish granted, a ton of people CAN play it, but they never do. Your mother dies. Disney then proceeds to buy out EA, and they shut down BattleForge Reborn. I wish for a high five, just cause I'm that cool.
  11. Wish granted, but the government thinks you are too dangerous and buries you under 50 feet of concrete. I wish for a nightmare.
  12. Your wish has been granted, anyone who sees Mr Grumple Sparkle Face is happy for the rest of the day, but they die a horribly excruciating death the following night. Devoured slowly, limb after limb, by Mr Grumple Sparkle Face's fat wife. I wish for EA to start selling the rights to their games.
  13. Wish granted, but it spills all over your computer. I wish for trundle's curse.
  14. Wish granted, but you also have (original) trundle's curse. I wish for, DETONATION!
  15. Wish granted, but they are destroyed by an army of blue eyes ultimate dragons. I wish nobody would post after this post.
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