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  1. I'm a lover for Japanese culture, so I had to go with Samurai. That said though, both topics are very interesting imo, wish we could see the end result but oh well, so be it XD

    Good luck with it mate.

  2. let the shitposting commence! 

    (also, not gonna post my actual best I have on my pc because... well.... it's a bit sexually tinted, nothing you actually see, but... not gonna risk a ban over something as dumb as a gif XD)

    shitposting James.gif

  3. 14 hours ago, Rakkhot said:

    What is (or was) this club pengiun thing? Never heard of it.

    It was just a little game for kids where you have your typical overworld and a penguinn as your avatar, you could dress him up however you wanted but the main part was just interacting with other players.

  4. I know this is an older topic, but since I recently got OW, and have been play it A LOT since then, I thought I'd mention it here to see if anyone on the Forums would like to play sometime :] (and maybe also cuz I saw Ultra playing OW on Discord, lol)

  5. 3 hours ago, Eirias said:

    When you go into a public restroom and realize there is no toilet paper.

    ooooh, I've had that happen waaay too many times. Mainly at school, and you never know when someone is coming or even already there at a school. 

  6. 21 minutes ago, Yellow said:

    So here is my Logo. It can easily be tweaked if needed. But I have no more time till the 31. So this is it.


    I like it a lot, though I would maybe make the "Skylords" a little more blue then it is now.

  7. 8 hours ago, Eirias said:

    Alright then: totaling the people who have given rep and posted, there are 10 of you!

    I already know what the first puzzle will be, but give me a few days to move and then I'll formally lay out the problem!

    Alright, I'll be waiting eagerly :] 

  8. On 02/12/2016 at 1:20 AM, pscsv said:














    My favourite out of all the ones posted so far, nice job man! The smaller logo's you added totally convinced me, awesome work, would love to see more of it! :]

  9. To be honest, there's a slight difference between Anime and Cartoons, but thee main one is where it was made, Because Anime has to come from Japan. Though I personally don't find any problem in people also listing Cartoons in a list like this, I do think think you shouldn't call an Anime a Cartoon and the other way around.

  10. Yeah, I definitely have to agree with you @Riviute that Alatreon is a really tough, but also awesome boss in the MH series ^-^

    But as for my entry... idk if it really counts but whatever, it's the End Chapter of Fire Emblem Conquest in Lunatic mode, since it's extremely difficult to do that without losing any units, which even tho it's the End Chapter, as a FE player you instictively don't wanna lose any units if you can help it xD but yeah, First of all there's the Boss, which is a possessed version of the character Takumi, which is able to shoot all your units from a big distance as long as no object is in the way, so you'll contently have to make sure you keep those defensive walls up, which will waste a turn of one of your Royal unit's turn, which generally are some of your strongest units, on top of the Enemies being really tough and more reinforcements will keep coming regularly all over the map until you can make you way to Takumi, and even then he has a lot of health, defence and Attack, and a Bow which has a Range of 1-4 (which is a lot, usualy bows have a range of 2 and are useless in close range aka 1). And oh yeah, let's not forget the fact that he is Paired up with a copy of Himself, lmao. So you'll have to be careful to not make your units commit suicide when you reach him. Not to mention that in general resources and opportunities to grind in the Conquest route is hard except if you buy the EXP/Weapons/Money DLC quest so yeah... 

    All in all it's a pretty tough fight imo. But also really fun cuz it tests your abilities in how you deal with it.


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