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  1. Morgeth

    Closed Beta Applications

    Hello, I would like to spend some of my free time during this summer to test this game. I am a 20 year old student in game design in the University of Skövde, Sweden. As summer is approaching I will have a significant increase in free time that I would like among other things to test this great game that I grew up with. As I have a background within software design I think that I could benefit from experiencing Q&A in a semi-professional capacity and aswell my knowledge within software design could help approximate, and better provide information that could help to pinpoint the issues that I discover. On my free time I usually do not play many games if not my friends are involved as i find it more fun and beneficial for me to spend time in unity or other game engines prototyping potential game ideas and furthering my knowledge in the subject, however I can spend a decent ammount of time throughtout the upcomming months specifically testing Skyforge in the hope of getting experience in game testing and methods of finding bugs. Specifically I think that I could be able to provide the equivalent of aprox 16-18 hours per week to bugtest, during the peroid of 06/01 - 08/29. I played battleforge alot durings its prime, however I never played it to a high skill level as I was quite young and unexperienced with RTS games. My Discord name is Morgeth#8925
  2. Morgeth

    which card gives you the most nostalgia?

    Ravenheart because im still salty over some guy scamming me out of mine.
  3. Morgeth

    Anyone playing MMORPG´s ?

    Gw2 and Black desert online, BDO for combat, gw2 for rp
  4. Morgeth

    [Giveaway] Tell us your story !

    Didnt see it was done
  5. Morgeth

    Upcoming Game : Lost Ark

    Looks like the classes of monster hunter in a dungeon crawler esc perspective and gameplay
  6. Morgeth

    The legendary forum game "count"

    1244 Why are we doing this

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