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    Same problem. As usual I am using "SkylordsRebornUpdater.exe" to start the game and until now the launcher would always update the game automatically - but not this time. Are we supposed to download a new version manually?
  2. And here I thought I had achieved something, when I managed to beat rPVE level 9 out of 10 a few days ago...seems it's indeed not that difficult.
  3. After having had the chance to play the current version for a week, I am happy to say that I have to retract part of my criticism. The reason for this is that at first, I didn't realize the upgrade system had been reworked to allow purchases of upgrades for gold, which is an excellent idea. Initially, I just saw that tokens were removed, looked at the huge loot tables per map and assumed I would have to farm all upgrades by playing the same maps over and over again (which if I remember correctly was a major PITA back in the day before tokens were available, especially in cases were a cert
  4. I am aware that I can upgrade some sort of cheap deck to challenge expert difficulty, that's not the point. Heck, there were enough (sometimes rather tedious) guides about beating expert difficulty with the basic F2P deck around 10 years ago. The thing is: I have no interest to spend my limited time playing a makeshift deck I don't enjoy for months, in order to get access to the cards I used to play with - especially not with several upcoming resets!. Your motivation probably differs from mine, but I mainly came back for the nostalgic experience. You know, having fun, playing the deck I u
  5. What kind of deck is that supposed to be? I just checked and a single Mountaineer currently costs 2000-2500 BFP in the auction house, often more. So it will already take more than a single week to buy 2 Mountaineers - and that is a best case scenario, in which you don't open a single booster and can sell them for around 430BFP. Even a simple nature card like a Shaman is close to 1000BFP, a Mana Wing 750 BFP, Enlightenment around 2500 BFP and Wheel of Gifts 2000 BFP. Now god forbid you want to play different colors/decks and have these fully charged... There is no way you are getting a
  6. The problem is that a stress test does not work well with the goal of conducting a long term observation of the ingame economy at the same time. Let's face it: It's been 10 years since Battleforge was initially released, but today many players have less time due to real-life commitments. In my case that means, I have neither the time nor the desire to refarm my collection up to 3 times including upgrades after every possible reset. So currently with my crappy starter deck, I will just play through the standard maps once and then be gone until all the resets are done, which should probabl
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