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  1. Greetings all, Ready to learn additional Buddelmuddel techniques ! Cheers!
  2. powerpsy

    [Official] My Improved CardBase

    Hi, thank you a lot for this tool. I spent a few minutes on it to build a nature deck, then a fire deck... Damn, lots of memories, lots of cards, I want to try again Thanks for this !!!
  3. powerpsy

    Best Gaming Device

    Indeed, Zool, not Zool 2 (that was crapy ) If you're a big psygnosis fan, do you know Alestes ? does it ring a bell Mister the fan of chaos engine (the chaos has ended ! wou will be remembered...) & xenon 2 (with super nashwan power for 10s) ?
  4. powerpsy

    Best Gaming Device

    My good old NeoGeo ! Each time I had one game at the time because of the price. I can tell you I was more than mastering each game I had :) Otherwise one piece of mastership was also the Amiga for games. I never saw something like this since then. Even programming was sort of a gaming hobby.
  5. At start it was not really fun. Collecting cards, promo cards was great. Auctions buy/selling was great, you had to discuss with people. Then, you had to play a few games everyday to "collect" your point. This was truely addictive ! After, you make missions and other PVP... there is such a large gameplay and many games in one. Truly unique as previously said.
  6. powerpsy

    Keep the card in the beginning

    Collecting cards is actually a full part of the game. So resetting accounts could be a fun part for everyone to collect again a lot of cards and updating them.
  7. powerpsy

    The New Cardbase and More

    Hi ! Nice tool. Is "stoneskin" cards selection missing (there are lost souls and twilight, but no stoneskin, even if they can be seen if you show all cards) ?
  8. powerpsy

    Getting selected for Alpha

    Hi ! On the devplateform, it is written that auctionhouse is now functional. Are the alphas given a chance to test it ? If yes, is it 100% done or is there many tests to make ? I wonder how it works: do people remember how it was and give the inputs or everything already exists on user side and it's a development of the server side ? Cheers
  9. powerpsy

    Current Proposal: Rewards

    Basic suggestion to avoid multi accounts & maximum daily reward: 1. Rely on multiple reports from players to identify double accounts (would be quite hard but there is a need to have some community managers in the future when the game will be on). Yes, it's like big brother... 2. Do not give more than 1 bfp per day. When opening the game, people shall put their password manually each time, so that they spend a bit of annoying time to enter the game. This would be annoying enough to prevent some people to log in 5 or 10 times per day to get multiple bfp on each account. (3. Any card exchanges could cost 1 bfp) - I'm not fond of this proposition since it would modify the previous mechanism of the original game
  10. powerpsy

    Starting Cards

    Hi all, Which cards should every account start with? Well, it's frustrating for most people who already know BF, but we shall definitely start with the standard previous package as in the original BF. Don't forget that to be sustainable, the game shall not be only a STR where you decide to make any deck you want. A big part of it remains in building the perfect deck matches after matches, day after day. Former players, how long did it take for you to play full decks with 3x cards updated at max ? To me honestly it took one year with daily connection to get my 1 bfp. If you are patient enough, then the reward is real, getting a new upgrade is fantastic ! Imagine that in this context, you will be really proud to get the second Windweaver card, you will play a few games with a 2nd upgrade and maybe after one day or two, you'll get the fully upgraded windweavers -- I'm not even speaking about the self reward on getting rare cards. Do not let people get everything they want because they had it before Let's start all with basic cards, slowly. Let's progress, slowly Anyone going in this direction or I'm the only one to think this way ? Cheers !
  11. powerpsy

    Overpricing Good Cards

    Just a thought: why not exactly copy the same system as in the original game ? There are plenty of advantages and drawbacks but this is what made this game so fantastic. It was both a STR and an trading game. Concerning the trading game, there was a living market with tendencies for some months, sometimes driven by a few people. But that's the game ! It requires patience, you can look at prices during few days or weeks, want deeply a card... and then, you finally get it ! That's wonderful and the true reason of a market Overprices are part of the game it depends on people who were able to get all the cards. If they manage without cheating, great for them ! I hope there won't be any artificial limit. So that people.. communicate between them to understand what is the right price, etc. This is what makes a community.
  12. powerpsy

    So how are Promo cards going to be handled?

    UOne simple advice: keep the rare cards being rare. Like... having a counter overall and ensuring that overall rare ratio is still kept among the existing cards. I know it will be painful for everybody, but it's the principle of having rere cards. I'd love a promo grinder though

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