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  1. Thanks for the detailed reply ! Is there anywhere I can see the roadmap like GIT if you're doing it instead of making such detailed reply on one "lost"discussion in the forum ?
  2. Hi ! After a long time game is now working (ever thanks again !!!) I wonder about the launcher roadmap: we have V0.13. What are you planning before V1.0 ??? Or is it just an incremental value you don't focus to get the 1.0 ? Cheers,
  3. Hi, thank you a lot for this tool. I spent a few minutes on it to build a nature deck, then a fire deck... Damn, lots of memories, lots of cards, I want to try again Thanks for this !!!
  4. Indeed, Zool, not Zool 2 (that was crapy ) If you're a big psygnosis fan, do you know Alestes ? does it ring a bell Mister the fan of chaos engine (the chaos has ended ! wou will be remembered...) & xenon 2 (with super nashwan power for 10s) ?
  5. My good old NeoGeo ! Each time I had one game at the time because of the price. I can tell you I was more than mastering each game I had :) Otherwise one piece of mastership was also the Amiga for games. I never saw something like this since then. Even programming was sort of a gaming hobby.
  6. Basic suggestion to avoid multi accounts & maximum daily reward: 1. Rely on multiple reports from players to identify double accounts (would be quite hard but there is a need to have some community managers in the future when the game will be on). Yes, it's like big brother... 2. Do not give more than 1 bfp per day. When opening the game, people shall put their password manually each time, so that they spend a bit of annoying time to enter the game. This would be annoying enough to prevent some people to log in 5 or 10 times per day to get multiple bfp on each account. (3. A
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